chapter 9

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“Let’s  go eat girls.” Effie said.

                Isis and I got up and walked out of our room. We had been lying down on our beds, talking about what we had done during our private session.

                What Isis did, made me laugh. To think that they would even fall asleep! Even after I shot at them, they dared to fall asleep! They deserved it. They’re supposed to watch us and give us scores. All be it, they had watched a lot of others, they still need to pay attention.

                “You did what?” Effie screeched. “You shot at the gamemakers?! You do know that they are your life and death in the arena?”

                Peeta ran his hand through his hair, ruffling the golden locks. “I honestly think you’ve become too much like your Aunt Katniss.”

                Katniss sauntered into the room and sat herself right next to Peeta. “I heard my name.” she leaned her head on Peeta’s shoulder and he stroked her hair.

                “They shot at the gamemakers.”

                She looked at us and laughed. “Really?”

                We nodded and explained what we had done.

                “You had every right to do that. They need to pay attention.”

                We all sat down and watched as the scores appeared on the screen.

                As usual, the Careers received 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s. Everyone else was lower. Except for 11. Both Raymond and Lyle had scored 9’s. Rani and Flora had scored 10’s! EPIC!!

                Carlisle scored a 10. Logan, an 11. This was getting too intense. Isis and my score flashed up there. 12! 12! Not possible! 12 were the highest possible score! How did we get that?

                Peeta laughed, picked Isis up and spun her around. Katniss hugged me so tightly, I couldn’t breathe.

                “That was better than me! Very, very good girls!” Katniss cheered.

                Logan hugged Isis while laughing. Carlisle hugged me, we both laughed, and surprisingly, he kissed me on the forehead.

                Tarran came and hugged us too. Then he bent down to our height and lifted our chins. “Very well done ladies. My idea for your dresses are going to go so well with your scores. But for now, you have to sleep. Get well rested. Tomorrow is a big day.

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