What A Dramatic People!

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*On the phone with Abi''

Emily's P.O.V.

''Hey Abi'' I saidwith a week voice

''Hey Emily''

''....Uhm well if something non usual happened tomorrow, don't ask me why, ok?'' I said

''What's wrong??''

''uhhhh im tired of being th- uhhh you're gonna see, I don't know why I called uhhh whatever''

''you're an idiot'' said Abi

Abi didn't even ask what's wrong with me, that truth is, she never did!

Next day I sat and talked with other people, I found them really nice but they were kinda perverts! I got along with two of them but then I ended up getting really close with one of them which was called Sara. she is like me in a lot of ways and a great person to talk to and keep secrets with. I started feeling better and she was always there for me. I was happy and though this is the meaning of a true friend! she's not like me in the interests like music or the way of joking sometimes but she's like me in many other more important things.

The truth is, Abi just cares about the humor and nothing more, but I think there are somethings that are more important than that.

then I noticed that they were talking about me and Abi seemed veryyyy jealous. I was sad that she was and felt bad then when we got to our classes all of them came to me and asked ''Why didn't you sit with us??''

I thought if they don't like me and does all this, why are they asking me this now uhhh I was'nt confident enough to tell them anything so I just said ''nothing, just ummm she wanted to talk to me about something''

They looked at eachother and I didn't like how they looked at me, at all! I was scared that they would be upset of me so next day I sat with them and everything happened over again! What the hell!!!

that sitiuation and all that story kept happeneing over and over again till I got tired and told them

''I sit with her because she's very nice and is always there for me while you are never, and she is my friend just as you are, what's your problem????!!!!'' I said and felt really good aftr I said that but was still kinda scared they would get upset or hate me

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