The Tale of the Vitae Plant

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The King layeth upon his death bed

Skin pale as a ghost and pocked with marks of yellow and red

Though the last rites had been read, hope there still was

For in a far off land grew a plant

A plant so powerful it was told it could grant life to all

A crew were to be assembled, not of the nicest

But of the best, for a sinner may be more courageous

Than the most holiest of men

More builders than ever before were assigned

To build the most magnificent ship

A temple of oak stained to look like mahogany

Upon its prow sat the most beautiful mermaid

A sign of hope that was to bring luck on the seas

They would search the corners of the earth

To find the illustrious root

A tincture would be made and fed to the King

So his illness would, at last, be past

On the sunniest day of all they year

In the season of high summer

The rag tag crew, drilled till they were one

Set off on the fateful mission

The blue stretched to horizons unknown

A journey laid before, distance fixed

But timeframe chosen only by the waves

The creak and groan of wood knotted and gnarled

Weathered and beaten but standing true

Night become day and day become night

As not a soul didst enter their aura

But still they proceeded under rain and sun

One day the storm picked up worse than before

The sea a swell of dragons flapping violent wings

It threw the ship left then right, rocking more than a child's horse

They went under deck or grabbed on to rigging

Anything that would save their mortal bodies

Like a bird set to flight one crew was tossed asunder

Landing in the water but making no dent on the waves

They shouted, they search but alas they could not see

Thankful they were, when the wind and waves died down

That only one was sunk like many a ship

But there was no time to think of this

Off course they had been driven

The maps and charts checked once more

A new direction set as sun descended and star appeared

A score and three they had been at sea

When yet new weather at once appeared

Through mists dense that none could see

Swirling and howling like horrible ghosts

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