11 - Where Are My Clothes and Oh Snap!

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Lauren woke the next morning feeling like she was dying from the inside out and a steamroller ran over her entire body after a jack hammer was put inside her head. If you asked her, saying she was hung over would be an understatement. She sat up as slowly as possible finding that she apparently passed out on some stairs. She looked down at herself, her shirt was gone and there were blue painted handprints all over her chest and stomach. Her pants weren't her pants, they were stapled together and looked more like something Lady Gaga would wear and where the hell they even came from is beyond her. She ran her hands over her face but winced when they felt scratchy. She looked down and found dried blue paint all over them. Well I guess that explains the handprints. Her body was sore, her head was sore, and she had no idea what she was wearing. The last thing she remembers is stealing oyster crackers from the kitchen and the bag exploding when she tried opening them in one of the bedrooms.

She looked around again and found Dinah sleeping close by at the top of the stairs and Keana could be heard nearby, randomly spouting something about a dingo circus. The brunette looked back at Dinah's sleeping form and noticed she had pink paint on her face and arms. What the hell did we even do last night? She stood up again as slow as possible while mentally kicking herself for drinking so much or whatever the hell else she did last night. The brunette was finally upright and began to quietly shuffle around to look for her clothes. She had to get out of the house before everyone woke up because she knew she wouldn't be able to handle being around the rest of the girls with how she was feeling at the moment. As she looked around she noticed that the rest of the Bella's had their own color smeared somewhere around their body. Keana, who seemed to claim a couch had two purple handprints on her cheeks, while Ally and Trinity were cuddled on another couch had intricate designs on their bodies in yellow or green.

The only things missing were Bea and the brunette's clothes. A quick search of the living room showed nothing resembling her clothes, although she did notice that she was the only one that wasn't in what they were wearing the night before. She began walking down the halls and opening doors to hopefully find something. She opened a door next to the bathroom and nearly jumped out of her skin at what was she found. "Holy-t!" She jumped back with a hand over her heart and her eyes wide. Inside this random closet was Bea standing in the corner appearing to be asleep with her arms crossed over her chest and black paint on her face looking strategically smeared. Lauren's exclamation didn't seem to stir the girl and the brunette quickly shut the door and shuffled as fast as she could down the hallway. She found her shirt flung over a ceiling fan and her pants tied to a bedpost in what had to be the tenth bedroom in the house. She quickly changed her clothes and washed her hands before she realized her phone was missing. Damnit Jauregui, what did you even do it? She walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge in hopes of finding a bottle of water and found her phone nestled in a container of blueberries. She furrowed her brow in confusion and grabbed her phone, realizing there was a text from Camila and opened it.

Hey Laur, I hope you didn't drink too much else last night. We should meet up and talk about the phone call earlier, I'm still confused.

"Phone call?" She muttered to no one. She didn't remember having a phone call with Camila and scrolled through her phone. "Oh no..." It must have been when she was drunk out of her mind. Who knows what she would have said to Camila in that state. "No, no ,no!" The brunette realized the time and headed out of the house as fast as she could so she could get home and nurse this slow death she had going on. The brunette realized that the house was only a few blocks from campus and headed in that direction while trying to rack her tired brain about her phone call with Camila. When she meandered down the hall towards her door, she really started feeling the effects of her hangover. Just as she was about to reach the door she noticed a figure sitting next to it, that figure being the one and only Camila Cabello. She took a breath and walked up to Camila who looked tired but beamed as soon as she saw the small brunette. Well that's a good sign I guess, Lauren noticed two coffees next to her friend and tilted her head to the side.

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