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Abi got very very very close with these people but Emily didn't.

Abi sat with them every single day so Emily had to sit with them too because she had nobody else.

So genuinely Emily got close with them too, she actually started to like them as funny people but not as true friends who can be trusted and these stuff. She loved them so much but she wasn't comfortable to them. It was just inside her.

Whenever Abi was asked who her bff was she always said "Emilyyy!"

But time changed that, now she has always told Emily her best friend is Courtney, which is one of them. Abi always said that to Emily to make her jealous! The truth is, Emily did get jealous just because she kinda started to be like Abi in some ways because they were so so close.

Emily cried that Abi didn't like her as much as she did before. But then Abi fought with them and with Courtney so she went to Emily asking for help.

Emily was such a kind, warm hearted girl so she helped her and kept telling her not to be sad and that she's better than them.

But then Abi went back to Courtney and these girl, and dumped Emily like she was never her friend, and never hurt her.

Emily got so sad and cried more. Then the same thing kept happening over and over again.

Abi kept changing soooo much towards Emily. But Whenever Abi needed Emily, she was always there for here, while whenever Emily needed Abi, she was never there for her.

Emily started to love them and Courtney as friends, and started to tell them secrets, and ever sometimes, Courtney talked about Abi behind her back with Emily. So by the time went on Emily loved all of them and told them some secrets, but she has always felt that she was the most bullied, unwanted and useless one.

She never felt so good and never felt loved.

One Day, Abi went to her and...

''Emily, can I tell you something but promise not to be sad??'' said Abi

''....yeah, sure'' said Emily

Abi sighed and said ''Courtney hates you, Liza said you're ugly, Miranda said you're so boring...etc. and every secret you tell courtney, she always tell it to everybody else'' she said as she kept counting on her fingers to Emily

''...W-what?? they must be k-kidding'' said Emily very shocked as her eyes started to tear. Emily was that one which if somebody shouted at her or something her eyes will tear right away even if that person's words doesn't hurt her or get her sad, cause she was pretty senstive and warm hearted

''No they weren't!!! they are very serious and they always say that, and the truth is nobody loved you but me'' said Abi like she didn't care about her friend's feeling, and she really didn't care about that, Abi would tell anybody anything and would never admit she's wrong or somebody is better than her or tell anybody a good word at anything.

Abi went away and Emily started crying but trying to hide it. Emily knew they were talking about her and making fun of her so she kept crying herself to sleep and thinking about it every single night

after that Emily noticed that they talk and make fun of everybody, even Abi and they never appreciated her and she was the most hated one. that moment specially, Emily felt she had no friends at all, not even one. she felt broken and cried

Emily decided not to sit or talk to them again like before and to stay with other people so she called Abi

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