Chapter 52

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As Connie sat alone at home, she ran a hand back and forth across her stomach. Resting her head to the back of the sofa she shut her eyes taking a deep breath. She wasn't needed in the department today and so she had decided to take a personal day.

Pushing her legs out on the sofa she ran a hand back through her hair. From the table beside her, her phone began to ring causing her to release a breath and reach forwards. Seeing his name, she couldn't help but smile softly. She'd told herself she would keep to herself today but in the moment she couldn't ignore his call.

"Hey you-" "Hey..." She heard the relief in his voice instantly as she spoke. "How are you? I saw you'd taken a personal day and I just- I wanted to check you were okay, as a friend." She laughed gently resting her head against her hand. "I'm okay, as a friend..." Sam smirked as he wandered outside of the hospital with his coat tightly pulled around him. "And as something more?"

Connie inhaled letting her eyes fall to her stomach. She had wanted to wait for Greg to leave before broaching this subject, but sitting there then she wanted him to know. She wanted him there for her. She wanted his support. The doubt would never leave her mind that the child wasn't his until she was able to complete a test, but that couldn't happen without Sam knowing.

"As something more..." Connie swallowed past the lump in her throat. "I need you..." Sam continued walking out of the hospital towards his car as he listened to her voice. "I'm already on my way." She smiled once again as Sam put the phone down leaving her to her thoughts once more.

A part of her was telling her she shouldn't open this box just yet, but she didn't want to do this alone. Letting her head fall into her hands again, she groaned before laying her head down to the cushions of the sofa. Shutting her eyes for a moment she could almost pretend that none of this was happening.

The gentle tapping on the door caused her to snap her eyes open, glancing down at her attire before traipsing to the door. Placing her hand to the door, she sighed before pulling it open to see Sam step forwards into her home. Without a word, she shut the door turning to see him close the space embracing her tightly. She could do nothing but wrap her arms around his back, burying her head into his chest as he ran his fingers smoothly through her hair.

She felt the tears roll down her cheeks as she stood up, wiping her sleeve across her cheek with a forced smile. "Do you want a drink?" "I'll get them, sit down." She smiled weakly wandering ahead of him into her living room while he drifted into her kitchen. "Coffee or something stronger?" He smirked as she shook her head. "I'll just have water please."

Sam nodded, going about making himself a coffee ignoring how strange it were for Connie to refuse both drinks. "How was work?" She tucked her legs up beneath her as she took a seat on the sofa, pushing her hair back behind her ears. "Work was work... Running like clock work as always." He winked over at her as she nodded sinking further into the sofa.

Wandering through to the living room, he handed Connie the glass before sitting the other side of the sofa glancing to her. She had a drink before putting it down on the table and moving to her knees. "What's wrong?" "Everything..." Sam sighed putting his mug down before reaching an arm around her shoulders and pulling her down into his chest. Connie collapsed effortlessly into him as she rest her head against him.

"I know you don't want to say goodbye to Greg, it'll be hard saying goodbye to a piece of you like that but I'll be right here for you. All the time." Shaking her head she brushed her hands over her cheeks. "It's- it's not Greg leaving that's got me worrying." Sam lifted a hand to her cheek brushing it over her flushed skin gently. "What is it Con?"

She sniffed looking down, her hair falling to cover her cheeks. "I'm not sure you'll like me when you know-" "That's impossible... I'm here for good, I'm not about to walk away from you. Whatever it is, unless you have another man hidden in that large wardrobe of yours that I don't know about." She laughed despite herself as he smiled genuinely across at her. "I-" Connie stopped as Sam apologised moving to pull his phone out of his pocket. "Sorry..."

He ended the call quickly, as Connie noticed her name on the screen. "You and Emma?" "No. No, do not do that. You know we are finished, I don't feel anything for her anymore Con. She wanted to talk this afternoon about the flat but this, you are more important." She watched as he turned his phone off pushing it back onto the table. "I'm here with you, not her. That's how it's always been hasn't it?"

Connie looked down to where his fingers were lacing through hers, her heart racing as she tried stopping the nerves from tearing her to pieces. "Promise me you won't leave." Sam ran his thumb across the back of her hand with a small smile. "I want to be able to wake up one day and call you my wife, that process wouldn't really work if I left you." Connie tripped over his words unsure if she would ever be ready for that level of commitment.

Closing her eyes she took a deep breath holding onto his hand. "Sam I'm pregnant... But I just, I don't know when or who, and I- I can't do it on my own, I would never be able to cope but I don't-" "Hey, shhh... You'd never be on your own with this." Keeping her eyes low she bit her bottom lip to stop the tears from flowing. "Sam if this child isn't yours-" "What if it isn't? You think I'll turn down an opportunity to love someone the way I love you? You will never be alone because I won't let you raise this child alone."

Connie picked her eyes up to see a smile on his face. "Sam-" "Connie what you've just told me is that there's a 50% chance I'm a father... You think I'm about to leave you for that?" She was unable to stop her tears from falling as he cupped her cheeks. "I love you, and I can't believe you're pregnant... You are happy aren't you?" She nodded with a smile as she finally admitted the truth out loud. "I really hope it's yours Sam." He smiled leaning closer pushing a kiss to her lips.

Parting from her he smiled seeing a smile finally on her lips too. "Does Greg know about the baby?" "No, I don't want him to unless it's his. I want to know first." He nodded gently with a smile feeling her begin to relax, the news beginning to sink in for him. "You're having a baby Con, I can't believe it." She laughed as he wrapped his arms around her tightly. Smiling she held onto him, thankful for how he had taken this. "I love you-" "I love you too... Both of you for that matter."

She watched as he moved a hand to settle over her stomach. She saw the happiness that he emitted at the prospect of being a father, she only hoped that it turned out the way they wanted. He had already had fatherhood snatched away from him once, she couldn't bare the thought of being the one to do it again.

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