Chapter Twenty Four: Man On a Mission

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Fives hadn't thought about Dogma and Slick in years. He remembered Slick all to well. The fact that that filthy traitor had both killed his trainers and exposed his base often made him sick. He had lost too many brothers to respect the fact that a stupid defect like Slick had a right to life. Slick had made his bed. Now he had to lie in it. He would have to live with the fact that he betrayed the GAR. And what would that get him? As far as Fives cared, Clone Jail was just the place to put him. Out of sight, out of mind, and soon to be destroyed.

Rex, the di'kut, had made Slick and Dogma a promise. One day, he was going to try to set them free. Ahsoka was all for this plan. So was Echo. So was Melia. Drake didn't care, as he had his little ones to take care of. But Fives? Fives didn't like this plan. As far as he cared, the defect needed to stay where he belonged...on Kamino! The last thing he wanted to do was try to save yet another defect. Echo was his little brother. Rex was the golden boy. Did they want Cody, too? Cody, who must have turned on his Jedi like a womp rat?

The clone crossed his arms. "No. He tried to kill you, Rex!"

Rex shook his head as he sat on the couch. The blonde looked at Fives with hopeless eyes. "I can't leave them there to rot. You remember how bad it was as cadets. You know it has to be worse in Clone Jail..."

"He should have thought of that before Asajj Ventress," Fives hissed. "The last thing I want is another Commander Colt. He kriffed up...big time! And you know what? He got what he deserved."

"He's starving," Ahsoka spoke up. "Clones have individual lights in the Force, if not souls. And I found his. He'd blind, Fives. Blind. He can't see. That marks him as a defect. We think his eyes got infected from the filthy conditions. And you know as well as I do that a blind clone is destroyed."

Fives tried to not to flinch from the memories. That was what he was trying to get away from. Yeah, he knew that defective clones were treated bad. He had seen the broken, twisted bodies get dragged across the loading docks and into the meat ships. Slick deserved that. He had tried to kill Rex. He had damn near killed Cody. He would have tried to kill everyone, just as long as he got away from the Jedi. A part of him sympathized with the clone, but a larger part of him wanted to just throw the clone away. And they had. He was being left to die.

"It's what a Jedi killer deserves," Fives tightly said. He turned his head. The clone knew they would get pretty mad at him for this. Would he deserve it? He had just said that he didn't care... "And Dogma is a weak little defect. He was from the start. You know he had heart problems and was almost terminated?"

Melia groaned. "Fives, c'mhere."

"What?" Fives dropped down beside her. What he was not prepared for was the slap across the face. It was a slap that echoed all over the ship and made Fives look at her in a stunned silence. Melia glared at him. Fives rubbed his cheek, looking at her with stunned eyes. "Hey! What was that for?"

"We're not going to let those two starve," she hissed. "Fives. You were left for dead for a reason. They didn't want you anymore! And they don't want Slick and Dogma either."

Echo looked up from where he had cuddled into Melia's other side. "I like Dogma. He was really nice. Never had a bad word about anyone. Now, he was annoyingly by the book, but he was a good man and a good vod." Somehow, Melia was letting Echo cuddle all over her. Clones could be like living blankets at times. Why she liked him doing this was beyond Fives. Most people couldn't stand it when clones got clingy. But Melia just took to it. Which made no sense to Fives.

"Dogma killed his Jedi," Fives shot back.

"Yeah. It's called Umbara." Echo shuddered and looked at the ground. "We lost Hardcase, remember? It''s really bad on Kamino. We've all heard the horror stories. I don't care if we're rescuing the mythical Creed from that hell hole! We can't let our brothers starve. Doing so...would be wrong. And really, really bad."

Fives looked at the ground. "But it's against everything--"

"Screw the GAR!" Echo snapped. He got up, his eyes blazing with fury. Rex jumped and cuddled into Ahsoka. The Togruta cursed under her breath. "Screw them! You think they care that we starved? That we were happy to get two ration bars a day? That we were made into throwaway soldiers? I'm sorry, Snips, but you were no military general! Most of the Jedi weren't."

"I can't go down this path with you!" Fives snapped. He growled at the other man, his eyes flashing with rage. "And I really don't want to run the risk of Slick killing Ahsoka."

Ahsoka rolled her eyes. "He is not going to kill me, Fives. I'm pretty sure he's going to be broken to the point where he just wants a hug and some food. He's not going to make waves."

"You don't know him," Fives muttered. He crossed his arms and thought. Slick had always been the hotshot, the charmer. The man with the plan. And then...he had gone down that path. He had became everything he wasn't supposed to be. He had tried to kill the Jedi and got himself captured for it. "You weren't there. You don't know how dangerous he is!"

Echo shook his head as the others got up. "Vod. You don't understand. We have it really good here. It would be in our best interest to go along to get along!"

Fives just turned his head and walked away.

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