Don't Judge Me Part 5.

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I stood there looking at Y/n shocked. Everyone in my family and hers knew how Y/n felt about Lauren even our friends. Y/n was beyond in love with Lauren and for her to be telling me that she loves Hailey more then her is a big deal.

Kendall:"Y/n..."I said making her look at me"Are you serious?"I asked. She nodded and looked me dead in the eyes.

Y/n:"Kendall I haven't felt this way about anyone ever. She makes me feel more alive then anyone. She makes my heart skip beats and literally pounds out of my cheat when I see her"She said walking inside and sitting in the bed. I followed her and sat next to her.


Y/n:"I know what you're gonna say Ken and yes I'm serious. This isn't a game for me and I honestly thought that she loved me back but I guess I was wrong"She said running her hairs through her hair.

Kendall:"Y/n you know how Hailey is about her feeling's"I said. She shook her head and looked at me.

Y/n:"I know Ken but you don't see me running off to my ex do you?"She asked looking at me. I looked at her shocked. She knew.

Kendall:"What are you talking about?"I asked playing dumb. She woke up and and put her phone to charge and removed her shoes putting it near the nightstand on her side. She turned and looked at me.

Y/n:"Kendall do you really think I didn't know about the fling Hailey and Jordan had after New Years"She said making my eyes go wide.


Y/n:"No, she didn't tell me about and I actually found out. It wasn't hard since Jordan can't keep his mouth shut and brags about everything. She didn't tell me but I didn't ask cause it was in our past but I guess I just trust her more then she trusted me"She said sitting next to me and sighing.

Kendall:"Y/n...your past wasn't really a clean sheet"I said. She looked at me and laughed.

Y/n:"You think I don't know that Ken. I did a lot of shit when I broke up with Lauren but I told Hailey about it. I didn't keep it from her"She said looking at me. She was right but she knew how Y/n would react to her and the Jordan thing"I know I would've probably fucking lost when she told me about that Jordan thing but I would have let it go"She said. I moved closer to her and rested my hand on hers.

Kendall:"Why don't you just talk to her"I suggested making her laugh.

Y/n:"She won't listen and I'm sure she's to busy making out with Jordan to care"She said moving back and slipping under the covers. I laid next to her and faced her.

Kendall:"Come on...why don't you just try"I said trying to encourage her.

Y/n:"Cause I'm tired of trying Ken and if she wants me and loves me then she'll come to me. I'm done chasing after people"She said looking at me"I want them to chase me for once"She said. I nodded understanding where she was coming from.

Kendall:"I get it"I said sighing and laying my head in her chest"Night Y/n/n"I said. She smiled and kissed my head.

Y/n:"Night Kenny...sweet dreams"She said. I smiled and drifted off to sleep.


After last night's events I was planning on staying in my room for a good couple of weeks and probably watch The Vampire Diaries and eat. I moved my hands around the bed groaning hearing a small giggle.

Y/n:"Kenny...."I whined searching the bed for her. I moved my head and  saw her leaning on her door looking amused.

Kendall:"Fifteen years and you still wanna cuddle with someone after you wake up"She said smirking. I looked at her and pouted.

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