The Red Trail

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Jack's POV

     Once he comforted me, I knew I liked him. I told him how I felt and kissed his cheek. After that, me and Mark have been sat here for about half an hour. He just sat there the whole time and rubbed circle on my back, whispering comforting things to me. 

     "Are you okay now," Mark asked me with his voice low from not talking for a while. I blush at his deep voice. This man makes me crazy...

     "Y-yeah," I whisper. 

     "Do you want to rest at my house? I mean, it's Friday and there's no school tomorrow," Mark trails off. I blush thinking of the possibilities of staying over. OH MY GOD!! HE  ASKED ME TO STAY WITH HIM TONIGHT! I mentally freak out but just nod my head in agreement. He smiles at me.

     He helps me up and hands me a tissue. While I wipe my face, I watch him go to his desk and grab his stuff. I throw the tissue away and Mark walks up to me. And just like that, we head out to his car.


     We pull into a driveway of what I assume is Mark's house. It looks like any regular size house. This makes me ashamed of my house. I live in an apartment... So tiny compared to Mark's. Mark suddenly appears in my face, putting his hands on my cheeks. A look of concern crosses his face. 

     "Jack? Are you okay," Mark's voice still soft as he looks at me like a lost puppy. He suddenly wipes my eyes. I didn't even know my eyes were watering. 

     "Y-yeah... It's just... my house is t-tiny compared to y-yours," I whisper. The concern on his face is washed away with sadness and he hugs me. He rocks us back and forth in his arms.

     "Hey, hey. It's okay. I still feel the same about you," he kisses my forehead. I smile slightly and nod my head. He backs up and grabs a hold of my hand, pulling me to his front door. With a quick move, he opens the door, dragging me in.

     I look around. Wow, this house is pretty nice. If only I lived in a place like this... I quickly shake the thoughts out of my head, not wanting to worry Mark again. As I remember about Mark, I look over to see Mark not there. I start to panic. Did he leave me? Does he not care anymore? Did he even care...?

     "M-mark?!" I call out with panic in my voice. I look around continuing to call out his name. I'm now in the living room when I spot something red on the floor. No... not a little, a lot of red is on the floor. I quickly turn to the dark color, but it's not what I thought it was. Rose petals lay in front of me, trailing to the next room.

     Me being me, I was curious about the petals. I follow the trail. It leads down a hallway, past some rooms, till it goes into a slightly opened door. What's up with the rose petals? Why are they leading to this room? I open the door and walk in to spot the rose petals lead to a king-sized bed. There was lots of the petal scattered across the bed.

     I walk to the bed, sitting down on it, examining the petals. Once I'm done with that, I finally look up to look at the room I'm in. It has blood red walls with two closed doors. Those are probably the bathroom and the closet, guess this is a bed room. I look at the bottom of both doors to notice one of them has a light on. I get up and walk to the door.

     Once I reach the door, I slowly turn the nob. Weird. It's unlocked. I open the door to be welcomed by a light pink bathroom. 

(Looks like the image up top ⇧ except its light pink)

     I look in amazement, wandering around the large bathroom. Not paying attention to anything behind me. I suddenly feel arms wrap around my waist. I jump at the sudden contact, not knowing the person. It might be Mark, Jack. Calm down.

     "Do you like it," a deep voice from behind me whispers in my ear. I blush, knowing the person behind that lovely voice. It is Mark... He didn't leave me! I turn around to face him, giving him a kiss then hitting him in the head a little rough.

     "Ow! What was that for," he asks rubbing his head.

     "That was for leaving me alone! You scared the shit outta me! I thought you left me," I whisper the last part.

     His face turns from pain to worry instantly. He pulls me into a tight hug, "I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean it like that. I would never leave you!"

     "You promise," I ask looking him in the eyes. He nods and kisses me. I gladly accept the kiss, kissing him back with the same amount of love. Suddenly, he pulls away and starts kissing my neck. I moan in response and he stops leaning up to my ear.

     "Tell me if you want me to stop," his whispers with a deep voice.


Hey guys! I know it's kinda late (for me at least xD) posting this. I'm really sorry about that, just so much has happened today. And sorry for the cliffhanger, it's kinda my first lol. I hope u like it and with that, see yea!

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