A Prank, A Night, A Death

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Hey there! Thanks SO much for choosing to waste your time with this book! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have writing it, and please let me know you're thoughts.

Also, HUGE thank you to @girlpotterheadxx for the beautiful covers and graphics you will be seeing throughout this story!



"It was just a prank, Han!" Emily shouted into the cold night.

"Yeah, a stupid one." Bo mumbled underneath her breath, placing her hands in her ski-jacket pockets.

"Hey, you agreed to it. You're not innocent." Jessica countered. Everyone was on edge now that Hannah had run into the woods. Her sister, Beth, was in close trail.

Bo rolled her brown eyes.

"Doesn't mean I can't think it was stupid." She tried to contain her anger towards Jessica, they were best friends, practically sisters, and although Jessica did instigate the idea for the prank, Bo  could not hold a grudge.

Everyone grumbled about as one by one, they returned to the cabin, uninterested. Bo, however remained outside with Sam who lingered as well.

"I'm sorry, Sam." Bo admitted, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I should have listened to you, it was not okay. Now we've hurt Hannah, and-and-I don't know. It doesn't feel okay."

Sam was a blonde, although her smarts gave her no indication of such. She was also very kind, and supportive of her friends. Bo knew that befriending her was not going to happen by pranking Hannah in such a way as she had. Making Hannah run into the woods because they almost video-taped her taking her shirt off for her crush, Mike doesn't make for a good impression.

Sam shrugged her shoulders. "I should have persisted more. I hope Hannah can forgive me."

"You weren't apart of it. She'll forgive you. I hope Hannah forgives me." Bo corrected her. Sam was Hannah and Beth's best friend, of course everything will be alright with her. That's the way things go.

Bo, however, was new to the whole group, closest to Jessica who met her in 11th grade.

"You know what, Bo," Sam looked over at the strawberry-blonde teen, "you aren't as bad as I thought."

She cocked her head to the side. Not as bad as I thought? Bo was taken aback, but was reassured when Sam began to chuckle.

"I'm just kidding, girl. Come on, let's go inside, it's cold out." Sam began to make her way to the front door of the cabin.

"Yeah, I pray Beth finds Hannah and they return safely. This place gives me the willies." Bo shivered, following Sam who was already inside.

"You religious?" She asked.

"Lutheran." Bo confirmed. She had been raised by a pastor, and was known as a Preacher's kid although out her childhood. Since they moved before she graduated, Bo was able to throw away hat reputation, although she had no means to change it. She didn't really mind her religion but didn't paint it all over her walls.

"Cool. Never really got into religion myself, but good for you." Sam opened up her jacket placing it on the rack in front of the door, Bo did the same to her ski-jacket.

Fixing her low ponytail, Boe straightened her multi-patterned jumper and pulled up her jeans that were threatening to slip. The whole crew was laughing with Mike the star of the show, who was acting out Hanmah's face when she found out she was being recorded.

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