Ashlynn squealed with delight. “My band has been announced to go on tour with you!” she grinned.

Chapter 2;

After Ashlynn’s surprise announcement CC knew that this was going to be the best birthday he celebrated. He had his best friend back, and now they were going on tour together. Nothing could get better. Ashlynn smirked as she noticed CC in his ‘dream’ state, she grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bowl beside her and chucked it at CC, looking away quickly, CC felt the pieces of popcorn hitting him, some falling down his shirt and some sticking in his hair. He looked around at Andy, Jake and Ashlynn suspiciously. “Alright! Which one of you threw popcorn at me?” He cocked an eyebrow. Andy looked confused about the whole thing and shrugged, “Not me. I didn’t notice anything” he smiled and turned back to the Batman cartoon. Guess he was out. “Jake? Jinxx?” CC stood up, a devilish smirk on his face. Jake looked up from his spot on the ground, and from there, CC was beginning to terrify him. “Wasn’t me! I swear! Don’t kill me!” he squeaked and ran to the back of the bus. This made Ashlynn burst into fits of laughter, taking CC’s attention away from Jinxx, it happened moment Ashlynn was laughing at Jake’s exit and the next she was staring at the floor, someone had lifted her onto their shoulder.

Ashlynn looked up to see Jinxx, staring at her in confusion before laughing; she shot daggers at him and started slapping at CC’s back. “Christian Mora! Put me down right this instant!” she yelled, a small smirk on her face, after knowing CC most of his life, she knew that he hated being called Mora. Hoping that it distracted him, she tried to make a getaway only to be pulled tighter onto his shoulder. “That’s just got you into more trouble Ashy-poo” he sniggered softly, causing her to gulp. A scream from the back of the bus echoed around them and suddenly Ashlynn felt as if she was on a bad car ride, “CC!!!!” she screamed causing him to laugh as he continued to run to the back of the bus. Jake ran out, his hands flying everywhere, managing to smack Andy up the face. “Owww” Andy rubbed his cheek and pouted. “You’ll pay for that Pitts!” but Jake didn’t hear him, he was running down the bus, screaming like a little girl. “I wonder what happened” Finally CC put Ashlynn back on the floor and she crept into the back room, not noticing anything strange.

“What even happ----OH MY GOD!” Ashlynn’s eyes bugged out of her head and she covered her eyes quickly, “I did NOT need to see that” she muttered and tried to walk out of the room, but with her hands surrounding her eyes, she was walking into everything. “CC, a little help would be nice” she growled, a pair of arms touched her shoulders and guided her out the door. “Lynn? What was it?” CC removed her hands from her eyes, only to see her starting to shake with laughter. Andy stared at her, wondering if she was broke, if only....the bus went eerily quiet and now all you could hear was LMAFO’s sexy and I know it playing from the back room. Andy walked inside and looked around, copying Ashlynn’s movements until he noticed just what Jake screamed at. “ASHLEY PURDY!! YOU PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON THIS INSTANT!”

“Yes Mother”

That caused Ashlynn and CC to erupt in laughter, he had to see what was going on, so he quickly hurried into the room to catch a glimpse of Ashley putting his clothes on. “Dude! What were you doing? And why were you recording it?” the sun shone through the window, causing the video camera to shine. “I was performing LMFAO’s sexy and I know it dance...cause you know....I’m sexy and I know” Ashley smirked and gave a little hip thrust. Andy chucked a shoe at him but he missed it...only by a few centimetres.

“Oh.My.God...Jake is going to be tormented for life thanks to you” Andy muttered, walking out of the room shaking his head, Ashlynn swore she saw him muttering ‘Idiot’ under his breath but she wasn’t sure.  CC followed but he had something silver in his hands, sound began to emit from it and Jinxx bounced up to see what was on it. Ashley ran out of the room, screaming bloody murder. “CHRISTIAN COMA, DO NOT DARE SHOW THAT TO ANYONE!” Ashlynn laughed and put a hand on Ashley’s bare chest, “Nu uh. You were the one who recorded it, so because you recorded must be shown” she smirked. Ashley narrowed his eyes at her and then smirked, “Fine but I will get you back” he chuckled

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