Chapter 2

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The morning sun radiated through the curtains creating a beautiful lighting but at the same time waking up the blonde.

Stretching her arms over her head she jumped out of bed starting her day.

Slipping on some yoga pants and a sports bra Lucy locked her door going for an early morning jog. She jogged and jogged until she couldn't jog any further but wherever she ran she ended up in front of the Fairy Tail Building by the end of her jog.

She looked up at the large lettering imagining her in there training but she was brought out of her thoughts by the sound of thunder.

" I knew I shouldn't have ran this morning". The weather forecast suggested rain but it's been a few days since Lucy has exercised.

The rain poured over her head soaking her clothing and hair.

She walked silently in the rain aware that she was probably going to catch a cold but the rain felt so good as it landed on her face, slipping off her chin and onto the ground.  Her sports bra and yoga pants didn't offer any kind of warmth leaving her freezing while she walked home.

The rain didn't stop, everyone around her was either running away to shelter or in cars driving off to work.

" You shouldn't be in the rain, you are going to catch a cold" whispered a masculine voice. A warm jacket was draped over her shoulders.


I glanced curiously at the black jacket then at the hands of this stranger.
Sliding my eyes from his hands than his arms all the way up to his face. 

His face was the most beautiful face I've ever seen. His jaw was chiseled and all his features looked like they were sculpted by a God.

" I know" was all I could say.  We both stood there staring at each other.  I took in notice of his unusual pink spiky locks.

It was a long time before he broke eye contact.

" Thanks for the jacket I mean but you should take it back since I would never be able to return it to you" I slid the jacket off my shoulders handing it back to him.  The rain poured all over us soaking us, both our hair sticking to our faces slightly.

"Keep it" He replied cooly but still staring at me. My hand still outstretched lingering with the jacket.

" Thanks" I swung it over my shoulders instantly feeling warm and fuzzy all over. It was like the rain wasn't bothering any of us both of us stood in the rain as if it was the most natural thing to do.

Suddenly he started to chuckle making me stare at him curiously.

"There's rain all over your face" He pointed out and indeed my face was dripping with water that was sliding down the sides of my face.

Surprising me he took his thumb and brushed the water off the tips of my eyebrow, his hand resting on my cheek. His face was really close to me now and boy was he handsome!

All I did was stare at this stranger who I met in the pouring rain but it was when I felt a shiver run up my spine did I feel like it was time to head home before I catch something.

"You're beautiful" He murmured under his breath making me simply shake my head.

Sure I had blond hair and an okay body but beautiful was an exaggeration.

"I could say the same to you" I whispered back due to the close proximity of him who I don't even know the name of.

The second time I glanced at his hair I thought of that pink haired man I've always seen entering the Fairy Tail Military Academy is it really him?

" I should get going I have to be somewhere in a few minutes." He glanced at his watch taking a few strides back.

" I should too" We both lingered in our spots none of us moving.

It seemed like time itself stopped.

" Thanks for the jacket" The rain was like something of the background it wasn't much of an issue right now.

He simply nodded before turning around and walking a few steps. I watched, he stopped his back to me but continued walking without a jacket just a white shirt. and a briefcase.

I stood in place for a few more minutes before rubbing my hands together due to the cold and running home...with the jacket in my arm.

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