Chapter 1~Before the night begins

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It was ten minutes to bedtime.  Sadly yes my parents make me have a bedtime but it's the doctors orders.  But that's not the point.  I need to hide, maybe I can avoid it.

"Jess!  Please come down stairs!" I shook my head while resting it on my knees, they wouldn't find me in the towel closet.  No way they would.  For a while I didn't hear anything just grunts of frustration.  I smiled, I'm small for my age just above five foot five.  For a 16 year old boy.  Yes, that's short.  I don't mind being short.  I like it most of the time.

  The closet door flung open and stood there very angry parents.  If I can even call them that.  My dad gripped my arm and stood me up dragging me down the stairs.  I screamed, kicked, everything I possibly could to get out of his hold but it was no use.  My mom followed closely behind with an icy glare.

  They brought me into the brightly lit homey granite kitchen.  Me being as light as I am my dad set me on the counter top.  Reality flowed like a river and I started trashing around once again.  I couldn't take them.  I can't sleep, I don't want too.  My parents want me to suffer.  Their enjoying this.

  I continued to trash around until my dad got a hold of me and tried to keep me still.  The neighbors heard the screams they hear every night but they don't say a thing.  There used to it.

"Let me go!  I hate you!  I hate you!"  I screamed barely getting out of his grip.  He swung me around and his hand me my face with great force as I fell to the floor.  The ringing in my ears muffled the sound of the door opening.

"OH MY GOD!  WHAT HAPPEND!"  My older sister Brittany screamed walking into the kitchen dropping her car keys on the table. "This!"  She walked up to our dad while pointing at me.  "Did you do this!" 

"Yes, Brittany I did the boy wouldn't take his medication."  Our dad said coolly.  It disgusted me that he could be so calm about this.

"You people are horrible sometimes!  He has been threw so much in his life and you keep adding onto it!  Just go.  I'll take care of it!  Just go."  Brittany spar bitterly dropping to the floor next to me taking me into her embrace, pulling me onto her lap.  I just cried like I always do as our parents left the room.  "It's okay baby.  Your okay." She cooed as she smoothed the hair on my head.  Brittany is a beautiful 21 year old looking just like our parents.  Blond hair , flawless tan skin and blue eyes.  I on the other hand look like my moms mom.  Pitch black hair, innocent pale skin like my mother and strangely two different colored eyes, the right eye is a piercing blue while the left is an enchanting black.

  Brittany used to be very fond of our parents until he realized how they were treating me then she began to hate them because of me.  In her eyes I am her cute , beautiful , unique baby brother with a troubled past.  In our parents eyes I am nothing more then their mistake of a son who got raped.

" Baby, you have to take these please."  She said like she was talking to a small child who was pouting.  I whined looking away.  "please."  I couldn't say no for long so I gave in.  I took the two blue pills in my hand and swallowed them.   She smiled at me and kissed my forehead.  " Go get ready for bed I'll be up there in a minute."  I nodded and got up making my way to my room.

  My room was okay I guess.  The walls were a dark blue like the sky , with glowing stars on them and a huge moon painting with glowing paint on the on side of my room.  The floor was a forest green.  most of the furniture was brown and my bed spread was black.  Basically my room was decorated like a forest at night.  I even had a tree thing in the corner of my room that had a sitting spot in it.

  My parents are very wealthy so our house is very big and each bedroom is like a master bedroom with a complete full bathroom.  But Brittany and I did my room.  My parents have no idea it looks like this and for that I am grateful.

  I went over to my dresser and got out plaid sleeping pants and a white T-shirt.  I quickly put them on and sat on my bed waiting for Brittany.  I know it's sad that I depend or need the comfort of my older sister at the age of 16 but it's just how my life has always been.

  Brittany came in and sat down next to me on my bed.

"Tell me about your day."  She said embracing me in a hug while slowly rocking me back and forth.

"Nothing really happened at school.  Everyone left me alone today,  But the session didn't go well today it's only the second time and he want's to know everything.  A-and I just can't I-it's to h-hard.  So I kept my guard up and just left.  And we got back home and I sat with Jamie for a little before she went back to grandma's.  I never understood why she went to aunt Ally's I'm no m-monster... A-am I?"  I talked in a small voice.  Barely above  whisper.  I only talk "normal" (witch is shouting for me) when I'm trying to get away from my parents or I'm being hurt.

"Oh no!  Baby your not a monster.  Your my baby brother and I love you."  She said sweetly.  She squeezed me tightly.  "  I'm not sure why they send Jamie to aunt Ally's but then again they can be horrible people...  Oh I know why.  Mom and dad always wanted a "perfect" family meaning they wanted all of us to be perfect and have nothing wrong with us.  I guess they were doing a good job.  Until that night."  She held me tighter before relaxing.  " And when they found out Jamie has heart failure they gave her to aunt Ally who can not conceive children.  But since Jamie is a beautiful thing they still like to see her."  Some of it didn't make sense but I just nodded.

"Brittany?  Why do you call me baby?"  I asked.  She smiled and hugged me a little.

"Well its because your my baby.  And you always will be, weather you like it or not."  She kissed the top of my head and I giggled.  "  Well I have to go now."  She said sadly, I frowned.  "  I'll see you in the morning bug-a-boo."  She smiled, got up and left.

"Goodbye Brittany."  I said quietly before feeling the same dreadful heaviness of my eyes take over me.


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