Chapter 25 || Don't Mess With The Flow. Stick to the Status Quo.

My History teacher once told me that I would make a great politician because I can talk without having anything to say. It sounds very confusing at first but I did get what he was trying to say.

Unfortunately, this ability has abandoned me when I was sitting in the car next to Noah on our way home. The tension was more than suffocating. At the same time, we pretended that the other person did not existed which made it even worse.

Ugh. This shouldn't have happened. I'm really not capable of dealing with the awkwardness accompanied by this weird situation.

I will just pretend nothing happened. Yep. That will do it. I mean, it's not like something is going to happen between me and Noah because we kissed. He kisses girls all the time and I don't belong to the group of girls he usually deals with. He is way out of my league, not to mention that I do not reach up to his social status and I should not try to bring everything out of order by reaching up to that status. Oh God, I sound like one of those annoying cliché girls who constantly complain about not being good enough and that her crush will never notice because she is so ugly and a nerd.

What is wrong with being intelligent ? Let me tell you something, the problem is not you it's the circumstances. The person is hardly ever the problem, it's mostly their environmental influence like school, society and even friends and parents.

Popularity is not everything. It sure is a factor but it should not be your main goal in life because constantly striving for people's approval will never make you happy.

I mean, the social status thing is technically not wrong and that does not mean I'm not good enough but it's makes things so complicated and I hate complicated. I know that we are sort of friends but it is better to keep it that way.

Okay, stay calm, Sofía. We are now approaching the drive way and as soon as he has parked the car, I will just straight walk out of the car, go into the house and carry on life like a strong, independent and fearless woman I am.



"Yeah ?", I uttered, carefully looking in his direction.

"I-I'm sorry know. I did not mean to..."

"It's fine.", I interrupted him, trying to get out of this awkward situation as soon as possible. He inhaled deeply and before he could say anything I opened the door and go out of the car.

Phew. I've just prevented myself from having the most awkward conversation of my life.

I stepped towards the door, Noah being right behind me, as I realized that the light was burning inside the house. Did we forget to turn it off ?

When we went into the house, Olivia was sitting on the couch, gazing at us angrily. My head turned to Noah who seem to be sharing my confusion.

"Are you damn serious ?! You left a little girl alone in her room at night ? I considered you to be more responsible than that ! What if she had one of her nightmares again ? Nobody would be here to comfort her.", she shouted at us.

How in the world could I forget about Gracie ?! Did I lose my mind or something ?!

"I'm sorry, mom. Jackson got into jail and..."

"That is no excuse to leave your little sister home alone. Where did you two burry your common sense in front yard or what ?", she seated herself back on the couch. Her angry glare was giving me chills and making me feel much worse than I already did.

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