Telepathy- Stoffel Vandoorne

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It is GP weekend and I Know Stoff is extremely busy to be with me, so I'm just going to relax at our hotel room until he gets back, since is saturday.

I love when he arrives excited from work even knowing that him and his team are struggling. He loves formula one so much, and I'm very happy that he achieved this goal. Stoff is so important to me, not only because hes my boyfriend, but also because he supports me in so many unimaginably ways and he always gives me that little boost confidence every girl needs. Ofcourse we argue sometimes, but as a couple and human beings it makes part of the package. I'll never be able to express my love to him, but he certainly do it all the time.

Since we arrived here in Spain I wasn't feeling good, and Stoff actually thought it was my period, but I still feel bad today and my period isn't here yet. I started feeling ill again, the  temperature was constantly changing and it was making me feel worst. My head was terrible hurting, and I was feeling my body a bit heavy. I wanted to call Stoff, but I didnt want to interrupt him so I've decided to lay on our bed and rest because I was sure I would feel better again, but this time I was incredibly wrong. The pain got worst and my body was a little bit more warmer.

I always had the habit of talking to Stoff in my mind like he was listening, I always did it when he was away even knowing that he'll never listening because it's something only from my mind. But it was something which used to calm me down, so I always did and this time wasn't different.

Love... Liefde, I don't know what you're doing now, I don't know I'm lost, I don't know what to do... liefde I'm in pain, it hurts, everything hurts so bad. I wish you were here! Only your presence makes me feel better and I feel so selfish for wanting you only to me but ik hou van je prince, so so so much... I wish you were here.

I know it may sound psychopath, but I always feel like he might, one day he might listen, but until then, telepathy is just in my imagination. Just in my imagination...

I felt my phone vibrating somewhere but I wasn't able to get up. I didn't know where the phone was.
I lay on the bed, trying to control my breathing to lessen the pain in my chest. Maybe I should ask someone to go to the hospital, but I could not even get up to look for the phone. I began to feel strong nausea and more pain in my body. I was getting more and more tired. My nostrils were closing slowly, making me breathe through my mouth. Great, it was a Damn ass cold!

"Princess?" I hear the door and my Belgian strawberry entering. "I've been trying to call you, are you okay? Princess? OMG what's wrong?"

"I'm feeling really really bad Baby. But it think it's just a cold."

"Oh I knew something was wrong, I'll call a doctor to see you right now!"

"Baby, you don't need to... don't worry I'll be fine."

"You said that 3 days ago and now you got worse. I just can't see you like this liefde." He hold my hand clearly calling someone.

"Yes? Sure, is Doctor Erika there? Yeah, I really need her help please, my girlfriend isn't okay and I'm very very worried with her. Yes now. Oh perfect, sure perfect I'll be waiting, Thank You!" He sighs relieved.

"Thank God the doctor already left the paddock, she's already here at the hotel. Someone is going to call her and she'll come to see you baby girl!" He almost whispers. "You're sweating so much princess... I'll never leave you alone like this anymore. You're more safe with me."

"Baby relax okay? I'll be fine. It's just a simple cold, I'm sure."

"I know, but you can't imagine how strange I've felt. I left running because I knew something was wrong with you, specially when you didn't answer."

"How you knew it?"

"I just felt it... It was like, you were talking to me or something, but I knew you weren't okay."

"It's telepathy. We are telepathically connected." He smiled at my excitement frowning when I cough.

"Do you really believe in telepathy?"

"Now I do, because we are connected by her. I love you." He smiled and cupped my cheeks to peck them.

"I live you princess." And suddenly there's a knock in our door.


"High fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pains, headache, coughing, and feeling tired, Seems like you got the bad influenza my darling!" Doctor Erika said while observed my throat with a weird small machine. "The Nausea or vomiting you're feeling must be because of some unrelated infection gastroenteritis, which is sometimes inaccurately referred to as "stomach flu" or "24-hour flu", but that's nothing to worry about." She says opening a weird and very small suitcase where all her equipment and medication were. "This has probably started less than three days ago, but you only felt from yesterday, is it right?" I nod scared, she's a witch, how she knows that? "And I know it because that's what Influenza does." She smiled at me. "Now, I can't give you antibiotics cause Influenza it's caused by a virus so isn't going to help. I feel like its better to give you two antivirals, the oseltamivir and zanamivir, and I will also give you some painkillers to alleviate your headache and body pain. Now, please you have to stay at home, avoid contact with other people if possible, keep warm and rest, consume plenty of liquids, avoid alcohol, eat if possible and if you smoke, please stop!" She says serious.

"So I can't stay next to her? Who's going to take care of her?"

"You did have the two vaccinations to prevent the flu, the shot and the nasal-spray flu vaccine, so don't worry, you can stay with her, she'll need you." The doctor smiles and gives Stoff my medication explaining him how to give it to me. "She have to eat a lot and rest, if she does it in less than one week, she will be better."

"Thank you so much Doctor Erika! I'm very grateful."

"You're welcome Stoffel. If you have any doubt or need any help, just call me. Please always wash your hands alright? And you, please get better soon!"

"I'm already feeling very good. Thank you doctor!" I smile at the amazing women in front of me.

"It's my job honey." She got up. "Take care of her." She smiled and Stoff nod leading her to the door. "Thank you doctor."

"She's amazing."

"She is, everyone loves her at the paddock! And now I know why. I have to thank her but also your telepathy connection." He giggles. "Thanks to her, you'll be fine."

"Thanks to you I'll be fine. Love You Stoff.!"

"I Love you baby girl." He smiled.

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