Chapter Eleven

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-Ally's POV-

I spent all weekend avoiding twitter, avoiding Mia's texts about Demi and I, and most of all avoiding Demi's constant phone calls.

It was on Sunday afternoon when I was finishing my homework, when Demi called for about the millionth time.

Sighing, I realized I should at least pick up and tell her to stop calling me.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Ally? Oh thank god you picked up," She blurted.

"Um, yeah I was just gonna ask if you could stop calling me?"

"Wait, you-I, I need to explain."

"Go ahead."

"The truth is I'm not like that. I'm not like a what you call celebrity, you're not a publicity stunt, I promise."

"Then what was that on Friday night?" I demanded impatiently.

"You have to understand that I've been in the spotlight since I was so young, weird things run through my mind when paparazzi and fans swarm me," she paused for a while then continued, "I'm really sorry. This is no one else's fault but mine."

"Wait, what were you doing though? I mean, why did you do it?"

"When I saw all the photographers, a voice ran through my mind telling me that I wanted to prove to everyone that I'm with you and it's not just for publicity. I wanted to show everyone that you're mine and that we're actually in a relationship."

"Well you didn't show that off too well," I joked.

"Guess not."

I was beginning to understand, Demi didn't have a normal life. Never did, never will. And that wasn't her fault.

"I know you're in the spotlight and you'll make mistakes and stuff, I understand that. But please, just think stuff over before you go ahead and do them," I pleaded.

"I'll try."

"So what you said before, we're in a relationship?"

"Are we?" She mocked dumbly.

"You tell me."

"Well if you want to be, then yes, yes we are," Demi giggled.

"Well I do want to be," I flirted back.

Demi continued giggling into the phone, making those annoying butterflies in my stomach return.

"I've gotta go, I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Sure," She added, "bye babe."

I hung up and set my phone down, trying to control my crazed emotions.

-Demi's POV-

I walked into school after being surrounded by screaming paps, and made my way towards Ally's locker.

Waiting there for a few minutes, I decided she wasn't here yet, and started to tour the school.

"Oh hey, Demi?" Someone called from behind me.

I turned my body towards them, finding a small Mia in from of me.

"Hey," I smiled.

"Ally isn't here today, just thought it I'd let you know."

"Where is she?" I asked, suddenly becoming concerned.

"Well she said she's sick, but the truth is her ex is here. Apparently he's trying to get her back," She explained.

"What's his name? What does he look like?" I spat hurridly.

"I probably shouldn't be telling you this," Mia muttered to herself.

"Please Mia," I begged, "I need to find him and tell her she's mine now."

"Okay, um, his name is Ryan. He's tall, muscular, blonde, everyone will be surrounding him. Really popular."

"Thanks Mia," I cheered, giving her a quick hug and running back down the stairwell.

Deciding to skip first period, I made my way around the school until I found a group of students hanging out in the stairwell.

I caught a glimpse of a tall, blonde, really attractive guy, and made my way over.

"Hey, if it isn't Demi Lovato. I'm Ryan," He said, a cocky smile spread across his face.

"I was wondering if we could talk outside?" I offered.

He laughed to his friends, then winked at me, and followed me out into the warm air.

"Wow, I've said barely 10 words to you and you already wanna get me alone."

I rolled my eyes.

What did Ally ever see in this guy?

"No actually. I heard you're here to get Ally back?"

"Heh, Ally. Yeah I'm here for her. And as long as she's as weak as she was a year ago, I'll have her back in my arms and my bed in a day or two."

"You and her had sex?" I demanded.

"Nah, somehow she convinced me not to last time. This time is different."

"No it's not," I paused, waiting to see his expression drop. "Ally's my girlfriend."

"Oh, so the rumours are true? Doesn't matter, I'm stealing her from you. As soon as she hears I'm here she'll come running back to me."

"That's funny, because she knows you're here, and didn't even show up. Now get the fuck away from me and leave Ally alone, she doesn't want anything to do with you."

"You're scary, Lovato. You two go live your little lesbian life, she'll wind up realizing she made a mistake and wants me back. You watch."

"That'll never happen. She's done with you, she moved on, and to me. And if you hurt her, or even touch her, I'm going to beat the shit out of your weak ass. Understood?"

He remained in silence, playing with his tongue in his mouth, as I made my way back into the stairwell, ignoring the glares from his pack.

I meant every word I said, I had an army of Lovatics.

As soon as he hurts Ally, they'll be on him like a pack of wild dogs.

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