Chapter 27

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[My eyes search for you across the crowded hallways and smiled.]


A warm atmosphere surrounded the two boys when they entered their home. And immediately, the maknaes were taken captives by the older ones; bombarding them with questions.

Jimin let out a small laugh, winking at Jungkook and this action didn't go unnoticed by everyone. Taehyung narrowed his eyes, "Where were you both?"

Jungkook looked at his lover in a questioning manner and Jimin nodded in return. Jungkook cleared his threat, "He's staying."

The next few seconds were silently filled with the distant sounds from the TV and air flowing in the atmosphere. A confusion spread out among the friends, "What?"

Jungkook smiled brightly, "Jimin's going to stay. Namjoon will as well."

After the announcement, shock covered the faces of the boys present in the lightened room. And in a heartbeat, cheers and smiles filled up the room.

Taehyung and Hoseok immediately jumped on the mochi boy, ruffling his hair. Their smiles spoke an unusual story of eternal friendship and love. An embrace so long, they didn't want to let go of each other.

Jin smiled warmly, hugging Namjoon as a tear rolled down his cheek. Namjoon kissed Jin's hairs, and pulled apart.

"You're not allowed to cry. With me by your side, I'll make sure that you never cry." Namjoon wiped away the water that tickled Jin on his chin. Jin tilted his head and melted with the words released by the deep voice of his boyfriend.

Yoongi let out a one-sided smile, leaning against the wall with his arms folded; happy to see all his friends smiling.

Taehyung frowned at the boy and pulled him and Jungkook into the group hug. With their wrists yanked by the boy, they both were surrounded by Namjoon and Jin.

In that moment, they knew that all that mattered was being with people you love.

It's those small moments, with that person that's is that most precious to you, that make life special.

And it doesn't mean searching around for people who are good or searching for people to love. It means loving the person right next to you, and searching for good in them and loving them even if it hurts.

With their hands around each other, and smiles being thrown at the other one; their eyes spoke of love that exists in rare friendships. And laughs echoed in the empty house filled with seven boys and a little cat that meowed.

They didn't want to let go, and they didn't let go; they held on to each other. They clung on to each other because they were all that mattered at that moment. They knew that they had each other; they never walked alone.

And the string of their friendship became stronger, not just a mere seedling anymore but a tree that would continue to grow till their last breath was drawn.


"You must be happy, right?" Jin asked Jungkook while folding the blankets.

Jungkook showed his teeth and smiled adorably, "Very." Jungkook opened up the box filled with Jimin's stuff.

The maknae argued about moving Jimin into his room rather than a creepy guest room. Jimin tried reasoning with him that it would be odd if they slept together since there was only one bed.

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