✖ Chapter Eleven ✖

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Healing Gabriel: Chapter Eleven

                                                                (*)Gabriel's POV(*)

      The first thing I noticed was Evan's attitude. He seemed cold, distant, and snappish. Then I noticed his appearance. He wore dark shades over his eyes, which was odd, because it was cloudy and rainy outside. Another thing I noticed about him was that the usual cocky yet cheerful smile on his face he wore around me had been replaced with a scowl. Yes, something was wrong with him. And I wanted to find out.

      "Is the weather getting to you?" I asked him when he finished retrieving his books from his locker. He turned his head towards me. I could feel the glare from his eyes practically eating me alive. What'd I do? "Wh-what's wrong?" I stuttered.

      "Stop talking so loud," he groaned softly, wincing. He was speaking in mostly muttered tones.

      "I'm practically whispering," I told him, which was true. I didn't want to talk in my normal voice when he looked as if he were about to beat up someone who looked at him the wrong way. Evan rubbed his temples, his mouth twisting in a grimace. "Are you okay?" I asked him, unsure.

      "I'm fine."

      "You don't seem like it."

      "Seriously, I'm alright. Just...go do something."

      "I have study hall with you," I told him in a shaky voice.

      "Oh. Well, come on, then. You can wake me up when it's my next class."

      "Study hall is our last class. Remember, it's half day?" A lost expression crossed his face, until realization dawned over him. He nodded his head, then placed his books back in his locker, closing the metal, forest green rectangle shut. As he walked down the hallway, towards the library, he seemed to waver a bit from side to side. I trailed behind him, thinking of what could be wrong. Did I say something last night that had upset him? No. At least, I don't think so. He didn't seem upset when he left. In fact, he seemed content. I could still feel his lips on the top of my hand. They were soft and pleasant, and I almost found myself wanting them pressed against my own lips.


      "Ugh," Evan groaned quietly when he took a seat at an empty table in the back, inside the library. I sat down next to him, suspicion starting to bubble up inside me. Evan seemed disoriented in an odd way. And, no matter what, he wouldn't take off his glasses. He seemed tired, and throughout the beginning of the day, his face would have a nauseated expression on it for a short amount of time.

      I didn't quite understand what was happening with him. He was staring down at the table, his jaw clenched, his eyes cold and hard behind the dark shades. The way he was acting was beginning to scare me. Was he having second thoughts about me? Did he not want me to be around him? But that was preposterous. He wanted me. He promised to keep me safe. He wouldn't be stupid enough to just...abandon me now. Right? He could've stayed away from me from the very beginning, but he didn't. So that means he does want me.


      "It's weird. I mean, it's January, yet there isn't any snow," I said to Evan, though my eyes were focused on the darkened sky. It was around 10:30 at night.

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