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The Beginning

'Amegakure is surprisingly pretty without the rain.'

Not that it wasn't always, but the honest downpour gave the village a glum kind of feel. Now with the sun out, lighting up the surrounding rivers, the village seemed to have a new glow of beauty.

'It's kinda nice.' She thought to herself. 'I could live here if it weren't a shinobi village.'

They were off limits to her, she would never live in one again. The entire system rubbed her the wrong way. She didn't like shinobi villages and she didn't like Kage. Period.

She stopped for a moment, smiling up at the view, using one hand to stop her hood from tugging back. The wind was surprisingly strong, not so much that she was sent flying, but enough to ruffle her clothes. She hated the stupid hood, and felt ridiculous wearing it. But her ocean blue hair was so recognisable, she had no doubt it would blow her cover in seconds.

'I'm really not fit for these kinda jobs.'

But money was money she supposed. And with that final reassuring thought, she began walking once more. Her thick, tattered brown cloak was weighing down her shoulders, forcing her to sway slightly to distribute the weight.

'What I wouldn't do to be back in more normal clothes...'

"Hey, you there!"

'And they've noticed me.' She stiffed a chuckle. 'Finally, took their time.'

She quietly approached the shinobi — man, mid to late forties. Low Chunin, possibly even a high Genin — making sure to apply extra pressure to her footsteps so they made sound.

"Ah, hello there?" She flashed him a nervous smile, fidgeting slightly. "Are you perhaps the guard of this here gate?"

"Yeah, that'd be me." He grinned smugly. "You need anything, little miss?"

'Little miss? I maybe be short but I'm definitely am not young.' She knew better than to let that ruffle her feathers however. 'What kind of guard is a genin?'

'Still,' She reasoned. 'Saves me trouble of having to track him down.'

"Great." She smiled with a little too much teeth. "Have a nice afterlife."

"Afterli-" His question was cut short when she pierced a senbon through his heart.

She caught his body, slowly easing it to the ground as to make little sound. She withdrew the senbon, with slight difficultly, and wiped the blood off on his vest. She only had one of these babies after all. Closing his eyes, she allowed him a moment of silence before standing up.

Reeling her right leg back, she gave the man a swift yet forceful kick, sending him soaring off the bridge, landing into the river bellow. A quick water technique took care of the blood splatter.

'Now, where's his friend?'

She found the other one snoring away at the lookout near the gate, and quickly snapped his neck back before throwing him over the edge like his friend.

"Now the hard part." She muttered, stretching her arms.

Taking off down the path into the village, she found her eyes travelling up the gigantic sky scrappers. They were an apparent new detail added to the place after the Akatsuki leader rose to power, alongside his 'angel'.

Both of which, were long gone now. The so called Nagato died nearly six years ago, and his angel — her name might have been Konan? She wasn't quite sure — died a year later.

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