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  This is a basic explanation of the universe they're in.


  It's 2017. Five years ago, an incident involving a misfired submarine missile and a nuclear power plant occured. The radiation seeped into the land and sprouted radioactive plants. More nuclear power plants experienced accidents, leading to more radiation exposure to the natural world. Animals who ate the plants became infected. Predators who ate these animals became mutated. Creating creatures that were stronger than current human weapons.

  The results of the radiation exposure had only been land-bound until nuclear waste was dumped into the Atlantic carelessly a year after the original radioactive accidents. This infected the water, forcing sea animals to mutate and adapt to their new environment. They became more aggressive and more brutal than the mutated land animals. They attacked ships bound to America with survival supplies. They destroyed navy forces.

  Animals on land were different to most sea animals. Land animals were acidic, caustic. A single nasty firm bite could absolutely guarantee certain death. Sea animals were electric, a majority at least. Few were as well caustic, such as squids. Reptiles were both. Air bound animals, such as birds and bats, were incendiary. New species had also emerged from the radiation.

  All of America was cut off from the world and it is now an apocalyptic battlefield. It heavily resembles Hiroshima in its ruins. Forms of mobility do not exist. It was back to the times of 1700s-1800s. Horses. Brittle carriages which were often attacked by rogue animals more than criminals. The people of the struggling country were at constant war with each other and listened to no voice but that of the sick tyranic government.

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