Chapter 14

''Johnny stop!'', I growled as we got closer and closer to the little house.

''What Kira we are just here, quit it!'', He growled back never taking his eyes off the gavel lane as the jeep bumped and swayed as the rough ground moved beneath us.

''I don't want to do this'', I said feeling tears well in my childlike eyes.

''I want to go home'', I whimpered as the tears burned my eyes out of my head like acid. Bloody traitor eyes. I cold see Johnny tense up as he exhaled heavily trying to keep his patience with me, although the car throwing me from side to side was enough pain without Johnny turning on me and I think he took satisfaction in the fact I was getting unconsciously punished.

''Go home by yourself then'', He hissed our former reconciliation cracking already.

I didn't reply, I knew replying would make things worse and I truly knew going home was not an option at all. I needed to grow up a lot in the next 4 months, Shit I've never even got a scan... How am I going to give birth to this baby, just wait till I feel pain and push? Holy god! I slapped myself in the forehead as it all hit me and a lot harder than my open hand did as Johnny came to a hault to the right side of the house.

''What?'', He asked as I looked at him from the corner of my eye.

I just burst out laughing and he suspicious look turned to a frustrated look as I popped the handle on the door and loaded myself out of the jeep just giggling... just giggling.

''Kira your fucking crazy you know that don't you?'', Johnny said jumping out of the jeep after me and locking it all in the same beat.

I learnt again the back of the jeep and peeped my head around and smiled sadistically and said, ''Sure do honey bee''. This was all getting to me far too much Id gone past the point of stress and worry.

''Come one Aude will be waiting'', He murmured leading the way. I scurried up to him intrigued by the name... Aude.

''Who's is this Aude?'', I asked pretty sure of the answer the name was familiar I was sure I'd heard of her before.

''Cameron's biological dads sister, Aude Johnson'', He mustered as something clicked in him at the same time as me.

Aude was Cameron's aunt I remember her being mentioned now. Aude was in the news a few times if I remember correctly, the reasons I remember her completely evade me.

''Johnny, there's something about her isn't there?'', I questioned.

''Nothing that's important now I'm sure she will spark your memory once your inside'', He said again completely avoiding my eyes which to be frank pissed me off beyond belief.

''Bloody men'', I growled.

''Where did you get this 'bloody' out of?'', Johnny asked finally looking at me properly. Pretty brown eyes.

''I eh... I like watching British talk shows online'', I shied away with embarrassment how corny could I get! I loved Jerry Springer and the lure of Jeremy Kyle online was too strong to resist, darn my weakness for 1st world problems. Johnny just giggled he knew I was as soft as when it came to other people, I would really just sit there and solve their problems in my head.

''Johnny'', called a slender pretty woman and she appeared at the front door her thick Texan accent enough for me to choke on.

''Aude'', Johnny replied with a tone of warmth and enthusiasm. Left to stand beside the giant feeling smaller than ever as Aude's eyes burned her way through my plumpness right into say hello to the baby first before she ever greeted me.

''Aude'', I said almost rudely as her eyes finally met mine and she smiled making me feel guilty for my initial greeting with a bite.

''Kira, its lovely to finally see you'', She glowed as she walked down the steps to hug me. Her hug felt genuine it was unbelievably  comforting this woman beyond my knowledge could comfort me like a mother to her new born.

''How's the baby?'', She asked I felt an undertone and it hit me.

She was a midwife about 10 years ago and had been for a good 20 years on top of that. Well she was delivering a baby one time and she had been drinking, not a huge amount but enough for her not to notice the baby was being deprived of oxygen and unfortunately the baby was born with cerebral palsy as a result. She had been brought to court as part of the families huge legal case against the hospital and she soon quit her post and spent a few years retreating in the countryside to aid her wounds, it looks like she never healed. She's still here.

''Kira?'', She asked skeptical her eyes confused half filled with the idea I may have been judging her and I was and I didn't mean to. It was her fault but she's paid her price, she paid with her own life and I guess she's paying by giving me and new life.

''The babies perfect, its perfect now'', I smiled and followed my new family into the house.

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