The Daughter Of Artemis

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Author's note:

Hi guys! This chapter is written by my friend an edited by me. Also, two new important characters are introduced in this chapter. In fact, it is written in the point of view of one of them. Jacelyn's personality is actually based on mine, while the new girl character in this chapter is based on my friend. Enjoy and comment!

Chapter 7:

Katherine's pov.

Hoping that no one would notice that I was missing, which they probably wouldn't, I jogged over to the lava area. Being the self-conscious introvert that I am, I was never in the spotlight. As soon as I got there I saw Alex. Alex and I had been friends ever since I had arrived at camp. He had short spiky black hair and dark brown eyes which were covered by black glasses, his eyes were full of mischief, he was famous for his Hermes like grin.

" What's up? Aren't you supposed to be sword fighting?" He asked grinning at me.

" I... need to talk to you for a second," I replied, motioning with my hands for him to follow me, after we had walked a good distance away from the rest of his cabin I quietly told him what was bothering me.

" I've been having weird dreams lately,"

"Ok?" he asked looking curiously at me, " What, have you been having nightmares or something?" I shook my head, why would I randomly tell him my nightmares?

" I've had the same dream ten times," I said, I was starting to regret telling him sure he was a good friend, but I felt like he was going to tell me that I was a retard for wasting his time on some stupid dreams that probably meant nothing.

" Ten times?" He asked, sounding surprised "What happened in your dream?"

" I don't remember." I say, I feel really stupid now. Why am I telling him about this? " The only thing that I can remember is a girl, she has black hair that's in a ponytail and brown eyes, she looks proud,"

"Ok, so you had a dream about some random girl. What did you do, pick flowers together?" Alex joked laughing as he said it.

" I already told you that I can't remember what happened in the dream." I say wishing that I could become invisible.

" Were you riding on a unicorn?" He laughed.

" I don't remember what we were doing." I said,"But I remember her."

Looking unsure he studied me warily. "Let me get this straight, you had a dream about a random girl.

"Yes." I confirmed.

" And you skipped sword fighting to tell me this?" He asked skeptically.

"You've never skipped anything before."

" Don't you think that it's weird that I've had the same dream ten times?" I asked wishing that I was still practicing sword fighting, he probably thinks I'm demented now.

" It probably doesn't mean anything, demigods have dreams all the time." He replied. Sighing I was about to start listing the reasons why this was important when a image suddenly flashed into my head. Shocked and a little dizzy I blurted out what I had just seen...

" I think something is happening at camp."

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