Alpha Alexander

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Author: WillowJane

Status: Complete

Rating: 10/10

Werewolves have joined society, creating new laws across the globe that pay special attention to their rights and privileges. Human governments have accepted them, but there are some who refuse to allow the werewolves to live among the humans. Majority of the population fear the supernatural beasts while some might be their most devoted fans.

Then there's Phoebe Carmichael, who is scared of the supernatural population, but doesn't want to kiss their boots or slit their throats. She is content with living her own life separate from the werewolves . . . until she is summoned to the mysterious pack house by the local Alpha, who claims she is his mate.

My review:
I loved loved LOVED this book! It was so amazing and so different from other werewolf books. Phoebe and Alexander are two of the most amazing, lovable characters I've ever read about. They're not the only lovable characters in this story though, the side characters are just as amazing. This book is DEFINITELY worth the read.

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