Chapter 13. Kira.

''Kira... Kira'', I turned to Jonnys ragged face and felt the pain course through my body as a moaned and threw a hand to my stomach. When I looked down I saw the hospital garment sliding over my protruding stomach. Johnny looked at me again and I realized I was stopping all the blood going to his hand and I gently released the pressure but I sure as hell wasn't letting go of him.

I looked up from the bed and seen a stray nurse checking a monitor to the left of my bed and looking at me concerned as she fled out of the room.

''Johnny, what's going on the baby's not due for 5 months'', I said worried but confused as to the size of my swollen abdomen.

''Kira your overdue honey'', Johnny said wiping the beads of sweat from my forehead. ''They induced you.''

I can't describe how I feel, I must be completely disassociating because I'm missing 5 months of my life. A sharp pain coursed through my legs and lower abdomen and I winced and tightened my entire body with the pain. As I drew my legs up with the pain a young man entered the room. He was wearing a blue dull hospital top and bottoms and had shaggy blonde hair to his shoulders but he held this beauty and emanated an unmistakable charm you couldn't help but like him almost instantly.

''Hello Kira, I'm Dr. Mortel and IL be assisting you today... I guess I'm you male midwife'', He said with a large smile as he moved swiftly to the left monitor and the nurse reattached a new fluids bag to the drip attached to my arm. I watched as his face curled down wards as he moved back to the end of the bed.

''Spread your legs for me Kira I need to see if your dilating.'', Dr. Mortel instructed with a hurried tone.

I obeyed unquestionably and watched as his shaggy haired head disappeared from view as he examined my nether regions, I'm in too much pain to give a flying feck.

''Andrews'', He called and the tiny nurse ran to his side. ''You said she's been in labour for 30 hours right?'' the miniscule woman nodded quickly never opening her mouth.

Just as Dr. Mortel addressed the woman the monitor to the left, oh that dreaded monitor became to scream like a thousands baby's.

''Andrew call the emergency room, we need to perform a c-section'', Dr. Mortel called to the little nurse as she filled her lungs and ran out the door screaming for the surgery room to be made ready immediately.

''What's happening?'', I asked trying to keep a cool head as the monitor continued to scream and a number of male and female nurses filed in and began to ready my bed to be moved.

''The baby's heart beat has stopped, but we need you to remain calm. The anesthetics doctor will be in two seconds to numb you before the operation'', He said looking directly into my eyes. I could feel them burning with fear as I looked in this man's eyes. I grabbed Johnny as hard as I could.

''Do not let go of me!'', I demanded trying to stay strong as the pain continued.

A scrawny little Indian man entered the room he smiled at me as warmly as he could as he rushed around with a clipboard of stats on me as he tried to concoct the right dose of anesthetic for me. As he readied a large needle I could feel the fear of needles rising to the surface but this was for my baby 2 minutes had to have passed and the machine still screamed on. I sat up and the doctor shoved the needle into my spine and I squeezed Jonnys hand.

''We injected a very string does and you could be off your feet for a few days but we need to get the baby out'', He explained in a strong British accent. I just nodded in return grateful that the pain slowly numbed away as I was pushed out of the room and down the hall to a room littered with people covered in masks and little hats. It was like something out of a bad dream and I just looked at Johnny as they got to work on me. I looked away from it all and I just looked at Johnny. I seen so much hope through Johnny I always have done. He has saved me so many times. Even when we were all kids he stopped me from climbing a tree after my friend who a few seconds later fell to a nice crunch onto the pavement and had a nasty broken leg for many weeks later. His brown eyes devoured me every time I looked into them. I felt a confusing love for him I've been praying as soon as I can get Cameron detached from me I can give Johnny the love he needs. I love Cameron but this baby drains me. Knowing its Cameron living inside me both comforted me and pained me as I struggled to come to terms with the human. The baby was almost here though and he was going to be beautiful I knew he was. I snapped out of my day dream as I heard a doctor say they nearly had him. The blood was shocking, too much blood to handle but when your baby was in question I don't think any Mother would really care. I listened and watched as the still baby was lifted from me and the room fell silent as he was rushed to a little table across the room.

''Is he okay?'', I badgered the nurses. ''Well, is he?'', I said listening to the deathly silence.

''It's a girl Kira'', Johnny said beaming as we both squeezed each other's hands.

Dr. Mortel walked towards me a bundle of cloth in his arms I wanted to jump up and grab my little girl from him arms. I didn't understand why he didn't look happy.

''We couldn't save her'', He said handling me my cold and still baby.

I became numb as I held her in my arms. I moved the cloth to see her face... Cameron, she was a mini Cameron. I felt the blood drain from my body as this baby was destined to the same faith as her father.

''Kira'' Johnny tugged me ''Kira''.

''Where is she?'', I said jerking up being pulled back by my seat belt. I looked at Johnny sternly as I realized it had been a dream.

''Are you okay Kira?'', He asked trying to keep his tired eyes on the dawn painted road.

''Yea I'm fine'', I said calming down and sinking back into my chair haunted by the dream, haunted by that baby's face.

''Not much longer'', He smiled looking more than happy to stop living off energy drinks and candy. Driving for over a day and a half with only toilet breaks must be next to impossible.

''Good'', I smiled reassuringly back at him. ''IL call my parents when we get there, they are bound to be freaking out. Let's just hope they haven't called the police and the embarrassment is enough to let me go'', I said sighing tucking my hands under my armpits and looking out at this new landscape of wide fields and empty spaces. It was going to be a big culture shock coming from the city.

''Kira are you worried?'', Johnny asked keeping his eyes directly on the road this time.

''About what?'', I asked looking at him burning a hole into the side of his head.

''Everything.'', He said straight. I could have laughed at his question.

''Shitting myself Johnny. Shitting myself'', I said seriously holding back the giggle that would have made the honest answer seem like a joke. This wasn't a joke. This was all fucked up beyond belief but it is as it is and we are going to have to make it work. Johnny began to slow down as we approached a little house surrounded by acres of land. A little farm house, fear shook me to the core as we turned onto a slip lane into the house.

''We are here'', Johnny said and my heart dropped out of my body.

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