Don't Judge Me Part 3.

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6 days later....

If there was one word that I could describe everything right now it was fucked up. Everything was fucked up to the fucking core. We tried explain to Hailey but whenever we mention Y/n's name or anything remotely close to her she change's the subject or just leaves.

We don't even know where she is. She sent a text to Freya and that was it. She was completely off the grid and we were all worried sick and even though she said we shouldn't worry we obviously will. We are checking everywhere to see if she took a flight or something but there's nothing.

As for Hailey she has been out partying ever since we left her alone at her place. She calls Justine every night to come and party with her and the only reason why Justine says yes is to keep an eye on her. She's been everywhere with pictures of her partying and worst of all with Jordan.


We were at Bella's place relaxing and thinking of ways to talk to Hailey about Y/n. Hailey is the only one who can get Y/n to come back and right now we all need Y/n back. Kim walked in with my sisters and Y/n's following with pissed off expressions.

Kylie:"What now!"She said annoyed. Kim through her phone at her making Kylie's eyes go wide.

Gigi:"What?"She asked. Kylie looked at us and tried to talk but no words came out. I grabbed the phone from her making my eyes go wide. How fucking wonderful

Kendall:"Fuck!"I said scrolling through the article.

Bella:"Can someone fucking tell us!"She said annoyed. I sighed and went back to the article and read it out for them.

Kendall:"Hailey Baldwin and Jordan Clarkson's late night out"I read making their eyes go wide"The two caught kissing after date. Are the rumors really true... Are Y/n Y/l/n and Hailey Baldwin really over?"I read. Everyone sat down looking frustrated.

Kim:"Every time we go out people have been asking where's Y/n and I can't really say I don't fucking know cause you people fucking take pictures of everything and spread rumors"She said.

Khloe:"I would"She said making us shake our heads knowing Khloe would scream it to the world.

Kourtney:"What are we going to do?"She asked sighing.

Freya:"Both of them are lost and got completely fucked over"She said.

Hanna:"And I'm a hundred percent sure that Y/n saw these and if or when she comes back there is going to be complete war"She said making us nod.

~End Of Flashback ~

Everyone has been in edge and slowly losing our minds. My mom and dad are even stressed out. Y/n's parents are working but can't even do that properly cause they can't focus. They cancelled their works trips and stuck to the ones based here.

Kanye:"This whole situation is messed up"He said making us nod. Everyone has been trying to track Y/n down and no one can find her. Hailey is to hungover to even function which is more frustrating. She's even ignoring her sister and parent's.

Kendall:"I feel like killing that girl"I said referring to Natalie or whatever her name is.

Freya:"Oh doing worry about that...."She said making all of us look at her scared"Relax, I didn't kill her"She said.

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