I have no ideas part 2

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I sat on a bench outside and smoked a cigarette. Stupid Gerald made me addicted to them. He just had to start all this drama too like I hate drama it's fucking stupid and pointless. Actually it's not that much drama like normal teens have but still it's drama!

In the end everyone either make up or don't, nobody needs to start all this shit up about 'Her boyfriend talked to his ex girlfriend and the former girlfriend thinks he's cheating on her' or whatever it is. People need to fucking chill.

"Y/n?" The voice didn't sound familiar. I turned around, the cigarette in between my lips just chilling there." Who the hell are you?" "I'm Joseph, your ex boyfriend from high school." I almost swallowed my cigarette as my eyes widened.

"Oh my god Joseph?! What are you doin' here I thought you moved to Canada." "I moved here with my aunt and uncle after my parents...ya know moved on.." "Oh god I'm so sorry! Not to ask but how did they pass away?"

"Oh no they didn't pass away. They just didn't want me anymore and literally moved on. They went to Japan where my cousin lives and they're staying there." "Oh well good think they're not dead..." "I actually wish they were cause I hate 'em."

That is so the old Joseph I used to know, it's why I dated him. We were kind of like Joker and Harley Quinn except we weren't as insane as them. We just liked seeing people get hurt and people we hate die. Yeah we're bad people.

"So um...have a boyfriend?" "Yeah...well no....I mean it's a long story but long story short he got really drunk. He thought he wasn't dating me and that he was dating his best friend Kehlani."

"Oh I hate drama it's so fucking stupid and pointless." That's also the reason why we dated. I have no idea why we ever broke up. Oh wait he 'moved away to Canada'. Well if that never happened we would still be together.

Everyone shipped us in high school, including Gerald. He was my best friend even when he asked me out after we graduated. (A/n I hope he graduated bc I kinda just made it up hoping it was true. Im pretty sure it is)

I patted on the empty space next to me as he sat down. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and kissed my head. Damn he's so hot. Not as hot as G of course but right now I'm pissed at him.

He looked around," Hey is that your boyfriend?" I looked up seeing G walk down the sidewalk drunk as hell. I stood up and walked over to him," Gerald how many shots did you take?"

"Uhhhh I don't know bitch." He began laughing," Don't call me bitch answer me." "Hmmm like ten." "Ten?! Ten fucking shots?!" "Yeah it's not that much." "Yes it is what the hell!" I practically dragged him to the car and drove him home.

It was hard to get him in the house but I did it somehow." I probably smell like alcohol now." "Woah is this your place? It's dope as fuck." Joseph looked at G," This your boyfriend?" "Yep...unfortunately." He looked over at me." How about we ditch him and get a drink?"

"Ok." I smiled walking out with him. He drove us to a nearby bar and we both had at least seven shots. This is bad, I shouldn't be getting drunk what if we have sex?

So I stopped having shots but as soon as we went to his place we made out. Which turned into a heated session. Which turned into sex. Fuck. Hopefully no one finds out. Ah hell of course someone's going to find out it what usually happens in books or movies.

The next morning I woke up, naked, wrapped in a blanket. Joseph already seemed to be awake so I went downstairs to find him making breakfast." Hey Jo, I'm gonna take a shower." "Ok baby."

I bit my lip and went in the shower. I got out and decided to go home after eating Joseph's breakfast he made.

"Baby, where the fuck have you been?" G asked." Um just at a friends house." He rubbed his forehead," Damn I hate hangovers." "Me too." "Huh?" "I got really drunk last night." "Are you sure I don't remember that." "You don't remember anything." "What happened last night?"

"Nothing I was just an old friends house ya know Joseph's-" "What?! Did you fuck him?! What happened last night? You fucked him didn't you?!" He got up clumsily." No I didn't babe."

Shit I don't know what to do. He went to his house with him behind him." Look bro I don't know who you think you are to just have sex with my girl."

Joseph seemed confused," Ok first of all you were being a huge ass and second of all I thought you were dating Kehlani." I ain't dating her she's my best friend." He slapped him for no reason basically.

"Gerald you said when you were hella drunk that you were dating her." "Nah I didn't." "Yeah ya did." He rolled his eyes," Well ya gotta choose. Me or Joseph?" Really he had to make me decide." I choose...."

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