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Your POV


I smiled weakly at the woman to thank her after she dropped some coins in my beggar beanie – I called it Bernie.

It was thankfully a decent day for sitting on the pavement, not too cold to the point where I was shivering and my nips were stone, but also not too hot to the point where everything was sweating, even my nips.

I calculated how much I had gathered today so far – almost 8 pounds. That's honestly pretty good, I could afford a nice sandwich from Nandos or something! I shoved everything back in Bernie and sat back and leant on the brick wall behind me. I watched as the majority of the crowd just pretended I wasn't even there and walked straight passed me, some people stared at me; pitied me, and then kept on walking. But then there were the few that I saw shuffling in their bag for some loose change to plop into Bernie, and I was grateful for anything. Well, almost.

I continued observing random people on the street trying to ignore me until my eyes went wide with shock.

I looked at Bernie and quickly snatched him into may arms, making sure no money slipped, I then picked up my blanket and bag and ran from where I was sitting. I rushed to the closest alleyway, I had to hold onto my knees for support from that sudden escape. But I had to do it.

Because, even though he was obliviously on the phone, I saw Dan walking towards where I was sitting.

He could not see me like that. No fucking way. That was not the way he was going to find out, this scenario would've literally ruined everything if I didn't realise this. Thank god for ma stealth reflexes aye – reflexes of a coward woohoo!

After I had gathered myself, I stuffed my blanket and money into my bag. I then peered from the wall of the alleyway. And I saw him again. He was so easy to point out as he practically floated above all the averagely heighted people on the street. I smiled as I saw him walking, I mean his back was to me but his hair and outfit still looked lit from this perspective. Sorry, was that bad? - I heard 'lit' being used constantly by a bunch of people passing me...

But he had now suddenly appeared before me again, which I guess wasn't supposed to until tomorrow – the day where I will most likely ruin this friendship that I had honestly hoped to become a lil something more. So I decided we should have another good day, a day that I could hold onto for the mems. I'll stick to the plan of tomorrow, but for now, let's have some fun.

So this is my new fave thing of all time, just thought I'd share my new aesthetic

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So this is my new fave thing of all time, just thought I'd share my new aesthetic.

I blended into the stampeded of people and rushed myself to catch up to him, god he took giant steps. I soon got really close to him and raised my hand to tap him on the shoulder but hesitated for a moment. God I felt so weird doing this, I felt like someone tapping you on the shoulder on the street was kinda awkward – but whatever I did it. I really wanted to spend time with him.

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