Bitter Sweet Love. Part 2, Chapter 11.

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''Is it there?'', I asked and I bent down beside Johnny and pulled out everything.

First thing I found was a sheet, a small sheet with words scribbled. Bank of Boston. Pin Number 8682. Account Name Cameron Johnson. Date 12th April 2011 Account Balance 12,500. I felt my jaw drop as I read the balance. How in god's name did Cameron manage to save that much? I handed the sheet to Jonny he didn't looked shocked.

He smiled and said, '''Grandmamma Johnson' as Cameron called her'', he giggled ''Left him a fund of 10,000 dollars in her will, she had the high hopes'', He said folding up the sheet and placing it in his pocket. I still couldn't believe he had told Jonny this and not me.

''How much about this plan did Cameron tell you?'', I asked.

''Obviously more than you'', He smiled and pulled the other sheets and various things out of the hole. I was tempted to screen through all the stuff, I decided there was no time. I handed Johnny my bag and he stuffed everything in and there was lots!

He both stopped and looked at each other, knowing that this buzz was soon to end as we heard the crying start. Johnny reached over and stroked my face but I turned away. It wasn't right, not now, not here and I wasn't sure if ever.

''Are you ready to go down yet?'', Johnny asked obviously upset by the rejection.

''Let me know when Morganna's gone. I want to say my goodbyes not listen to her dramatics'', I answered quickly and I crawled up onto Cameron's bed and listened for Johnny leaving the room.

I lay there still not wanting to move. It felt like I was trying to follow a bouncy ball every time I thought about Cameron. I could hear the cries and the speaking below me. I knew Cameron lay down their cold, lifeless and simply not Cameron. I could feel them tears. I had to stop crying now; Cameron would have laughed at me.

I heard a laugh coming from beside me. I lay still for a moment but turned slowly. On the bed beside m lay Cameron face to face with me in all his former glory. He had his hair, there was life in his eyes and he even had his piercings in.

''Hey'', he smiled.

''Hi'', I whispered terrified if I spoke to loud Id wake up.

''Stop crying'', he said with a tiny laugh.

I smiled at that, I knew him like the back of my hand.

''I miss you already'', I whispered.

''I miss you too, but its OK'', he said and his hand reached towards me. I felt nothing but a cold breeze.

''Do you hear Morganna'', he scowled. ''Dribbling all over me down there, she's going to wipe my makeup off'', we giggled in harmony.

''Good to know you found my hiding place. I want you out of here A.S.A.P Johnny knows the plan Kira, it will be great'', he smiled.

I smiled back unsure.

''Grand-mamma said that you better give the baby her name as she gave you the money, technically'', he laughed.

''What is it?'', I asked.

''Never mind her'', he laughed.

There was a loud bang from behind me. I wasn't leaving this, no way!

''Kira'', someone shouted beside me and shook me hard.

''I love you I whispered'', as I came back to reality Harvey stood over me and he now looked scared.

''Ugh Harvey'', I scowled.

''I'm sorry Johnny said to wake you up, the bulk of the crowd if gone'', He said his eyes red rimmed.

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