Chapter 10 Edited


Mom collected me and Johnny from the hospital and she let Johnny stay over. It was a quite night. We both slept in the sitting room. The TV was on but I knew neither of us was watching it. The space between us was pregnant, no pun intended. Neither of us spoke a word to each other all night. I was numb. I didn't want to feel anything because when I did it hurt, it killed. I fell asleep eventually. I didn't know what time it was because Johnny had pulled the curtains when we got home.

When I woke up in the morning Johnny was still in the same place I left him last night sitting straight up in the armchair flicking through the channels. I sat up slowly and carefully to avoid a major head ache. Johnnies eyes shot to me.

''You OK?'', he asked laying down the remote.

''Yea'', I croaked ''Are you?'', I asked noting the tired look in his eyes.

''As good as I can be'', He said pulling at the sleeves of his jacket.

''Show me your arm'', I said standing up off the couch.

''What?'', he asked shocked.

''Johnny'', I scowled slowly walking towards him.

''I'm just itchy'', He scowled back at me.

''Johnny I'm serious. You said you'd stop'', I growled.

''Give me a break Cameron just died'', He barked.

It stung like he had just poured vinegar over an open wound. The pain was fresh again. I'd forgotten in my sleep, it had all just been a dream.

I jumped at Johnny and punched him in the chest.

''Shut up'', I squeaked.

He was looking at me like I had gone insane as I continued to hit him. I didn't know why I was doing it but somehow it was relieving me of a slight amount of pain.

Johnny grabbed my arms stopping me and he pulled me into a hug.

''I know it's horrible but we have to stay strong'', He whispered.

Fresh tears bloomed in my eyes. I'd just stay here until they were gone.

''OK thanks'', Johnny said as he hung up the phone and placed a glass of milk beside me.

''He is coming home tonight'', Johnny said.

''They are having the wake up until 2pm tomorrow and then they are having the funeral. They are pulling it together quicker than usual'', He noted.

Everyone was gone to work besides Milo. He was wallowing around in self pity. He said he was guilty for all the mean thing he said to Cameron. Milo was a drama queen since the whole Paisley thing. It's amazing how her ordeal could be pushed aside, ''Just some little slut who got pregnant and lost it, ah well'', Sick if you ask me.

''Can we stay over tonight...In Cameron's I mean'', I said as I dropped my spoon into my bowl of cereal too quickly splashing milk on myself.

''I don't know Kira. It might not be a good idea, I'll ask'', Johnny said and he walked out of the kitchen dialing a number on his phone

I waiting until Johnny was complete out of sight and I could hear a low chatter coming from the hallway. I used back in my chair and pulled up my top. My stomach was getting bigger by the day, what was I now 4 months. I could feel my jaw drop. Shit.

''Louise said yes'', Johnny shouted walking back into the room.

I looked at him wide eyed.

''What's wrong?'', he asked looking worried.

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