Chapter 9 Edited

Cameron's Point of View

Kira lay down beside me and it sent off butterflies. There was something between us. Our baby.

''Girl... Eleanor Winter and Boy... Caolan Edward'', I answered her honestly. I wanted a girl named Eleanor after my Grandmother and a boy named Caolon just because of my Irish heritage.

''They are beautiful names'', Kira replied making me smile. I shut my eyes wanted to feel Kira with me.

''I love you Kira'', I whispered after a few minutes of silence.

''I love you too'', She replied and she yawned. I could tell she was on the verge of sleep and I let her be. Her beauty imprinted on my mind forever.

I scratched my bald head and I tried to prop myself up I the bed. I was hard but I managed it. Johnny was sitting in the corner beside the beginning of the curtain that hid us from all the other people in this room.

''Johnny'', I whispered and he looked at me instantly. He jumped up and handed me the glass of water on the small dresser I couldn't reach. I swallowed slowly feeling the liquid creep through me trying to nourish me somehow and failing horribly.

''How are you feeling?'', Johnny asked looking worried as he took the stool from the opposite side of the bed where Kira had left it.

''Honestly like death'', I said light-heatedly.

''Kira is taking this bad, you know that'', Jonny said glancing at Kira's motionless body beside me in this tiny bed.

I nodded not really wanting to acknowledge her pain.

''I want you to leave with her'', I said to Johnny telling him my plan to save her.

''Bring her to Texas to Sandra's Farm. Not right now. Give her time. I know she doesn't want the baby right now but she may change her mind and even if she docent...I want her to find the baby a good home. Somewhere away from this horrible town'', I said and Johnny just sat there wide eyed not knowing what to say.

''I told Kira already. I had a university fund and ye can clear it out'', I told him and he looked confused.

''University?'', He asked.

''I had high hopes man'', I said and he laughed lightly.

''You know as well as I do this town will chew her up and spit her out into the streets if they find out she's pregnant'', I said pained and Johnny nodded.

''Promise me you'll leave with her...Give her exactly 1 month from the day I die'', I said feeling that horrible feeling again.

''Look don't talk like that you could pull through'', Johnny said looking like someone was probing him.

''The hardest part of this is leaving ye'', I said trying to stay strong. I reached for my hat and pulled it on.

''It kills me to leave, literally'', I said and Johnny looked like he was about to cry.

''Just make me that promise and I can go in peace'', I said straining for the answer I needed.

''I promise'', He said and he jumped up and hugged me tight. I could feel a tear hit my skin as it fell from his eyes. I felt guilty I had caused them so much pain through no fault of my own.

I started to get an awful pain in my chest but I said nothing.

''Get my Mom will you'', I said smiling.

''I want to tell her I'm sorry and I love her'', I whispered and I kept a straight pain free face.

''OK man, anything'', Johnny said and he practically ran for my mother.

The pain was awful and I watched as the heart monitor went crazy.

''don't forget me Kira, Please. I know I've done you wrong many times before and I have apologized but please forgive me. Take care of the baby for me and tell it about me. Tell it I loved it'', I rushed out feeling energized for a moment and then my fail self jumped back with a pound to the chest and the loud beeping came. This is it. No more pain. I'm free. I started at the roof and I watched as faces appeared talking rushing. It all faded to grey and I couldn't help but smile.

Kira's Point of View

''Cameron'', I screamed as Johnny pulled me through the curtains and the doctors took over blocking out Cameron.

His mother stood there still tears pouring from her eyes and her hands covering her mouth. I could hear nothing but my screams and the long beeping noise. The people rushed to pull the curtains on all the other residents in this room as there was no moving Cameron now.

I pushed and kicked from Johnny until he let me go and I pulled back the curtains. A still Cameron lay there bare as the doctors tried to bring him back to life. I stood there roaring unable to help him but not wanting to leave him alone with these strangers.

''What are you doing'', I screamed at the flustered Nurses.

''Someone help him'', I shouted as Johnny caught me again and brought me from the room completely this time.

''Why?'', I cried unable to speak properly.

I slumped down against the door and I tried to listen for the beeping but it was gone.

I looked up at Johnny and I watched his face fall as I heard Cameron's Mom scream. The door beside me opened and a stout woman escorted a crying woman from the room.

''My baby'', She cried.

''He's Gone'', I said through my tears.

Johnny leaned down and wrapped his arms around me. The place had become awfully quite. All you could here was my pain filled moans.

''I didn't get to say goodbye'', I whispered.

Johnny never spoke. I was consumed with my own guilt and sadness that my best friend and baby's father had just disappeared like that. Cancer could just take him in one heartbeat not thinking about his family or friends. Death is selfish but right now so was I.

Cameron is gone, his body remains but the person is gone.

I had grown up very fast these past few months and right now I was faced with many things most people never will be in their whole lives. 

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