Chapter 8 Edited


Cameron lay there slightly propped up so his eyes could meet mine. His eyes had taken on one of peace, like he was ready to leave now. His beside him looked torn between him and me not knowing where to go or look.

''Can you guys leave again?'', Cameron asked as his mom slightly squeezed his hand and walked past me straining a smile. Johnny followed her lightly unconsciously letting his hand breeze along my back before he left.

I walked over and sat beside Cameron on the bed forgetting the formalities.

''I just don't know Cameron. Every time I think about giving up the baby I feel sick but when I think of keeping it I feel worse'', I whispered to him.

''Kira, I was only thinking of myself, I can understand your apprehension. Your only 16 now, I'm at the end of my life already, older than you but nonetheless at the end'', He said lightly reaching for my hand. I noticed he constantly had someone on hand I must have been a comfort to him.

''I have a plan for you'', He said grasping my hand tighter.

''I want you and Johnny to leave this place. I have friends in Texas you can go to for a while, they are a little too friendly sometimes but they are sweet as pie'', he said with a smile.

''You can clear out my University fund and leave. Give a life together a chance'', He whispered.

I didn't know what to say Cameron was asking me to run away and take his baby and best friend with me. What about my family? What would they do...Police?

''Cameron'', I said pained and he understood his smile slightly faltered.

''I know it's crazy but you could have a whole new life. Think about what your parents are going to say when they find out your pregnant. What Morganna would say..'', Cameron Said.

It was true and that's what was making it harder. I would have to leave soon, but I don't want this baby. The thoughts of it crying all the time, I don't even have any money. But then I am handing away half to Cameron to strangers. The half of Cameron growing inside me.

I felt sick again.

''This is fucked up you realize that don't you'', I said to Cameron and he just laughed.

''We are all a little crazy around here'', He smiled.

''Look Kira'', he began ''I just don't want to leave and know you're going to face ridicule and pain because of me. I want you to leave as soon as Johnny agrees and then, find a family for the baby'', He said finally understanding my reasoning.

''That actually sounds like a good idea'', I laughed and so did Cameron the tears still slightly playing around.

We sat in silence for a few minutes I had lay down beside Cameron wanting to keep him company but there was part of me that wanted to be here with him... the side of me that loved this side of him. He played with my hair lightly and I listened to his shallow breaths and the light flutter of his heart.

''Will you cry?'', He asked slightly smiling.

''What?'', I asked confused.

''Will you cry when I die? It's always something I would sit and wonder about'', He said ''would anyone really care I was gone''

''Cameron that's the stupidest question you ever asked'', I said offended.

''I will cry until I'm admitted to hospital for dehydration, I will miss you more than 'a fat kid misses food' and if you go a part of me will go with you because a part of you is me now'', I said and his eyes glittered with tears.

''You'll never know how much I love you'', He said kissing me lightly on the forehead, his dry lips grazing my soft skin.

I stroked his bony face gently. He closed his eyes to my touch and he smiled.

''Baby name's'', He whispered bringing it up again. I wanted to give him this time.

''Yes?'', I asked.

''Girl, Eleanor Winter, and for a Boy, Caolan Edward'', He said eyes still closed but a smile on his face.

''They are beautiful names'', I said as I felt tiredness wash over me. I had heard Johnny and Cameron's mom walk in every few minutes but I decided to I've decided to give Cameron my full attention.

''I love you Kira'', Cameron said as I could feel the sleep washing over me.

''I love you too'', I whispered through the fog.

''don't forget me Kira, Please. I know I've done you wrong many times before and I have apologized but please forgive me. Take care of the baby for me and tell it about me. Tell it I loved it'', I could hear Cameron say. He sounded more alive than ever before. Maybe miracles could happen.

''Kira'', someone shouted as loud beeping filled my ears and I was ripped from beside Cameron.

I was still asleep and as I opened my eyes it seemed as though Cameron was too as the Beeping got louder and more frequent and people rushed into the room and other rushed me out. I felt like death had kept me company for a while now.

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