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An elven king set in his ways... A mysterious maiden determined to change her destiny... a chance meeting which throws them together interlocking their fates...

Megahn grows up knowing what is expected of her, accepting her fate and her life isn't her own. But she doesn't count on the dream festering inside. A dream to be free, to be her own person with no expectations or obligations. After a numbing tragedy, she must decide to chase this dream where it leads or accept the woman she is destined to be. Both options terrify her but only one leads to true happiness.

King Dhovar of Miiradon has practically grown up on the throne. While he is known for his wisdom in leading his elven kingdom, he is equally known for his brusque and headstrong nature. When a mysterious maiden interrupts both his thoughts and plans, he will get a glimpse of what his life can really be like if he allows.

Thrown together through a chance encounter, these two opposites will have a choice to make. King Dhovar can accept the help and change her presence brings to his life or he can ignore the pull he feels towards the mysterious maiden. Megahn can lay aside her fears to accept the future of her dreams or she can play it safe and return to her destiny. Will they learn help comes in many forms before it's too late?

 Will they learn help comes in many forms before it's too late?

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Sneak Peek:

Megahn didn't realize she was staring, until he turned catching her eyes. Their gaze locked, his dark eyes bore into hers. She felt dizzy, as if swimming in the ocean as wave after wave crashed against her. She felt a strange power engulf her, something tugged at her mind, her thoughts. Almost too late she realized it was him, the handsome stranger. Their gaze broke when he turned to the man with him. She grabbed the skirt of her dress, nodded good-bye to the old stall keeper, and dove between two stalls.

Her breathing increased as her feet picked up pace until she was running. She ran past the bright colors, sweet aromas and laughing elves. She ran until she'd reached the outer wall of the city which was small in comparison the main castle's. She ran through the fields, and over the hills until she reached a barely noticeable trail just inside the trees. She glanced back over her shoulders expecting he'd be there chasing her. She almost tripped when the path behind her was clear, light flickered in from between the trees.

It wasn't until much later, sitting in the safety of her cottage, she questioned why she'd panicked. She hadn't felt a fear like that since leaving her home over two hundred years ago and faced growing up on her own away from everything she knew and loved. And she didn't like the feeling or that it had returned. And despite her many efforts during the following days, she couldn't put the handsome man's gaze out of her mind.

Working in her garden, she remembered the intensity of his stare. And while she cooked and cleaned, she thought how dashing he looked in his leather vest with his long, dark hair pulled back. She shook these thoughts each time, knowing they had no place in her mind. There was something dark in that gaze of his, and despite his attractive features, she could not allow herself to find out just what that was. Because if she did, she risked everything she'd put behind her. She would run again, further away if necessary whether she wanted to or not.


This is it! Book 4 of The Vale Series... The start of Dhovar and Megahn's story. I know this still leaves a bit of mystery to who Megahn is and what their story will be about but you can assume it will be epic just like these two characters. So, what did you think? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!! The Blazoned Vale will begin posting sometime in May so add it to your libraries now as not to miss a chapter!~SJ xoxo

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