When I exited, I saw my assistant standing in front of my desk concentrating on her Apple Ipad. Walking to my chair, I sat down and checked the files on my desk. Some files needs my signature and the other files are graphs that shows how my business is progressing and where I stand.

I smirked, of course the business is growing. Especially my agricultural and mining business abroad.

“Sir, you have a meeting with Hendricks Corp. in about 10 minutes at Conference Room 1.” My assistant Brenda told me.

“Ok. I already signed these files. I’m impressed with the progress every year. Remind me to plan a celebratory dinner with all the employees. That includes the ones’ abroad.”

“Yes sir. I’ll be calling the planners later. You’re on in 5 minutes.” I stood up, fixed my suit and walked out and proceeded to the conference room. When I enter the double doors, there seated my Senior Vice President Mr. Halls and Head of Operations Mr. Graham.

They stood up and greeted me. “Good Afternoon Sir.” They said in unison.

I motioned them to sit down and greeted them back. “Good Afternoon ladies. Now, what is this meeting all about?” I still have a couple of minutes to talk to them before our live conference.

 Hendricks Corp and Hayes Industries merged 2 years ago. It is an Australian company that deals with manufacturing steels, production of rubbers and imports and exports.

Mr. Halls began telling me the details. So, basically there was a slight problem at our shipment to Indonesia. A few pirates are seen following the vessel and tried to take over the vessel.

I listened patiently to every detail while I try to think of a solution to the problem. This is not new to me since I also own shipping yards and huge vessels for imports and exports in some countries. These pirates are targeting large vessels because they think they can hijack it easily.

This is just a petty problem but it can slow any business and delay the expected arrival of those cargos. It is always dangerous. Mind you, pirates stall and attack when you least expect them. They carry guns, bombs and other ammunition that can slow the vessel down.

A sound stopped our conversation and the large white screen is now starting to broadcast. I turned my seat facing the screen. I am seated at the head of the large mahogany table. Both men seated at my right.

Mr. Hendricks and other four executives are seated on the table facing the screen. “What a pleasure to see you again Mr. Hayes. Still looking cold Max.” He said smiling.

Mr. Hendricks is a 40 year old business man in Australia. He sometimes goes to my parties with his wife and two sons.  One still in high-school and the other is in college studying Business Finance. His wife and my mother do business together ever since they met 2 years ago.

I laugh, “Cut the crap old man. How are Dorothy and the two minions of yours?” I started liking the family ever since I met them. Dorothy is a humble woman and her two sons Dave and David like to bicker with each other.

The last time I saw the whole family was last year when I went to Australia and check on some of my businesses. They invited me into their home. We had dinner and the boys were awestruck by me. They said that not me.

They said they want to be just like me. We even had a conversation were the two boys were fighting on who’s the most handsome of them two. I enjoyed it since I have no other siblings. At first, they were silent but then when I began starting a conversation, they begun warming up on me.

He pinched the bridge of his nose, “Dorothy is still the same as always. The two, I can’t even describe how problematic they are! They just keep on dating different girls. I will have a heart attack sooner or later. I don’t want to be a grandpa just yet!” he said exasperatedly but with a smile on his face.

“That’s what you get for having that genes old man! The two are growing ladies’ man my friend. Watch out for that.” I taunted him; he was a ladies man after all before he married Dorothy. That woman surely straightens him up.

He was now horrified. So, I laughed. We exchange a few conversations before the real meeting started.

“Max, I’m sure you’ve been briefed on these already. I have been sorting this out but the damn pirates are becoming wiser. The latest was just yesterday. A couple of our men were injured while guarding the vessel.” He said in all seriousness and frustrated at the same time.

“Did they manage to get into the ship?” I asked.

“No. The men were quick to respond and hosed them up while they were trying to attach a ladder on the back side of the ship.”

“Good. Then we could devise a plan to use more advanced equipment’s.” I told them.

“Don’t worry old man; we’ll have this sorted out in no time. I was thinking, we could attach modern weapons at every side of the ship. I know we already had the hose but I know that can’t stop them. I’ll call my friend who owns and makes weapons later. Then, I’ll call you back immediately. “

He sighed, “Yes. That would be good Max. I will wait for your call.” We talked about the progress of the company and other business things that needs to be clarified. Both companies are operating well so there’s no problem at that.

We ended the conversation around 4pm. I called Nico. “Its been a long time my friend. You need something? Of course you need something.”

NicoTomasovik is my Russian friend who runs Ni-To weaponries. I usually call him if I ever need something. In the business world, it’s not all whimsy and daisies. You NEED weapons. You not only protect your businesses but you also protect the people working for you. I have many enemies. Trust me I have tons.

“Can you send your men to Australia? I have been having problems on our shipping vessels there. Pirates are damn lucky they only need to be threatened not killed. But if things get worse, I’ll be happy if I hear news they killed a pirate.”

I heard laughing on the other line, “Ok Max. I will send my best men there. Is it the Hendricks?” he asked.

“Yes. I’d like you to attach weapons. You decide what, I don’t care. As long as those pirates won’t go near my shipments.” I growled.

“Of course. You know I’m the best!” I laughed at that, yes, yes he is the best.

“Oh and make it all my ships. I don’t want any problems in the future as much as possible. Send the bill out when you’re finished. I’d like it done ASAP.”

“Sure want to pay me a couple of millions my friend?”

“Like I said, I don’t care. As long as it’s new and works well then I have no problem paying you.” I said.

“Bastard. Yeah ok, I’ll just contact you if my men are finished. I’ll update you.” I chuckled, “What? I have enough to pay you. I’ll even send you a car. Name it, I’ll ship it in Russia.”

“Well.. I was thinking. Maybe I like to add a new car to my collection. A Porshe maybe?”

“You already have tons of Porsche Nico! But whatever you like. Just call Brenda and she’ll process it.”

“That’s what I like about you Max” he made a tsktsk sound. “You are such a good friend.”

“Good friend my ass Nico. Anyways, I have to go. Call me or email me.” we bid our goodbyes and ended the call with my Russian friend and went back to my office.

I sat on my chair and read all the reports. I can’t wait for the diner girl.

Hi guys! So yeah I want it to be long but I'm now pissed at my ass of a brother. I can't think of anything but strangle the life out of him. urgh! So, I hope you enjoy reading ! :) Update soon!

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