Chapter 6 Edited

Kira's Point of View

We drove silently to the hospital, not a word spoken to each other yet a thousand words lingered above our heads waiting to crash down. The hospital came into sight and I could feel myself perk up waiting to jump and run. Johnny pulled up as close to the entrances he could and he quickly jumped out of car as I have expected. I followed suit. I slammed the door shut and ran up Johnny at the entrance where he held the door open for me. Déjà vu hit me, the last time we were here Johnny had left me and this time I was not going to let anyone leave me. Johnny grabbed my hand and we walked quickly following the signs to the front desk. A plump lade with grey hair scooped back into a tidy bun on the back of her head was talking to a young couple who were looking for the High Dependency Unit. She quickly pointed them in the right direction and they left. She smiled at us flashing us a set of bright white dentures.

''Cameron Paige'', I spurted out.

She looked at me confused.

''I'm sorry, what?'', She asked lifted his glasses off her nose.

''Cameron Paige'', Johnny interjected. ''He has Acute Leukemia, he was brought here not too long ago we were told to come quickly'', Johnny said standing in front of me.

''One second'', She said typing into the computer. She looked up at us, her grey eyes pitiful.

''I'm sorry'', She said. ''I can't dispel any information on patients too you''.

''I'm not looking for information'', I snapped. ''I just want to know where he is''.

She looked at me, nothing but compassion in her eyes. I knew it wasn't her fault but the look on her face told me something more.

Johnny grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the counter as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.

''Hello Louise'', She said into the phone only moments after it started ringing.

''Where are ye?'', He asked.

''OK.'', He looked confused.

''Well be there in a minute'', Johnny said closing down the cell phone.

''Where are they'', I asked as Johnny pulled me beside him.

''They are in the Children Ward'', He said and a pained look filled his eyes.

''What Johnny?'', I asked pulling his arm.

He shook his head and he followed the signs again. I kept quiet knowing all my questions would be answered when we got to Cameron. I was watching the signs now too. A wave of relief washed over me as the sign came into view [Children's Ward] I walked quicker now. We came to the door and we ran the buzzer the door opened and I almost burst through.

''Room 16'', Johnny repeated as we passed various rooms.

I only dared glance in and I watched as children lay stretched across beds asleep, some with tubes dangling from all visible areas. I looked into another room and a little girl sat on the floor playing dolls with her mother, the young girl turned to look at me, all the right side of her face was burned. I bit back a low whimper as I watched these children; with real problems play happily, not a care in the world.

[Room 15]

[Room 16]

I braced myself and Johnny opened the door. This room had three beds, only divided by curtains.

The first bed sat a young girl, her skin blue tinted, her eyes red rimmed and her head bald. She played happily on her hand held games console. Tubes leading from her nose and hands led to machines and drips.

The second bed a boy around Cameron's age leaning over the bed puking into a basin as a nurse consoled him. I looked away quickly as the nurse glanced up at me.

The third bed, Cameron. I walked slowly to this bed where a gasping boy laid, his skin grey, his eyes shut, tubes emanating from everywhere and his chest rising slowly. A middle aged woman perched over him stroking him smooth head, her 40 year old face crumpled into that of a 90 year old, worry lines etched into every visible part of her face. A weak smile sparked on her face as she watched me and Johnny walk slowly to the almost UN recognizable boy. He was skin and bone, his skin clung tightly to his cheekbones and his eyes sunk into his head.

''Cameron'', I whispered as I neared him.

''Johnny'', Louise said looking at Johnny who was frozen a few steps away.

''Can we talk'', She said walking away from me.

Jonny only barely nodded and he followed her.

I grabbed a stool that sat beside a small end table. I pulled in close to the bed so I cloud be at eye level with Cameron.

''Cameron'', I whispered again reaching my hand over and gently stroking his cheek.

He coughed lightly. Not a word.

''I'm sorry'', I whispered as tears burned in my eyes.

''I'm sorry I didn't call over or ring you or tell you how much I care'', I whispered smiling at Cameron hoping he could hear me and he was heeding me.

''Kira Honey, he can't hear you'', Louise said lightly rubbing my shoulder.

I looked up at Cameron's Mom, I could she Cameron through her. The tears crawled out of my eyes and fell down my cheeks.

''What's wrong with him'', I asked standing up now so I could be at Louise's level.

''it's the end for him Kira'', She said tears streaming down her face.

''No'', I spluttered and burst out crying, engulfed in my tears. I went to sit down and Cameron's Mom grabbed me into an iron grip and she hugged me tight. I could feel her warm tears staining my shoulder.

''Will he wake up again?'', I asked.

''Yes'', She said.

''But the doctors only gave him 48 hours to live, there's nothing more they can do for him'', She said stroking my hair.

''He can't leave me'', I cried and I pushed away gently from Louise.

''He doesn't want to'', she cried. ''The morphine put him asleep, but it will wear off soon. I know he wants to talk to you. He called your name in the ambulance'', She said as she gently wiped the even streaming tears from my face.

''No. No. No'', I said gripped the sides of my head and sitting back onto the stool and I turned to look at Cameron. I swore I saw him smile.

''Cameron'', I threatened ''Do not give up on me''.

''IL make you better, God damn it'', I growled and I gently wove my fingers around his hand.

I felt a slight squeezed from Cameron's hand but I said nothing.

''Lights will guide you home,

And ignite your bones,

And I will try to fix you'', I whispered into his ear and I continued to hum my hopeful song.

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