I have no ideas but heres a random one

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A/n does anyone have any ideas bc I have like none. Please either comment or DM with a request or an idea.

It was a usual Saturday night, you and Gerald were at one of Kehlani's parties. He was hanging out with Kehlani a lot but not really you. No one really ever talked to you although you were kind of famous because of him.

You decided to walk up to him," Baby...can I talk to you?" He shook his head as he took a shot," No babe I'm busy." "It'll just be for a minute." "Hmmm let me think about it, no."

"Hey y/n whatcha doin' here?" Kehlani asked interrupting us." Im G's girlfriend, I'm always at your parties." "You are I never see you around." "Because you always hang out with Gerald. Can I have a word with him?"

"Yeah sure go on baby." Wait hold up! Baby? What?" Excuse me what did you just call MY boyfriend?" "I ain't your boyfriend doll face." "We have been dating for three years! We have fucked like five times!"

"Your trippin'." "No I'm not! This isn't your girlfriend!" "Yeah she is fuck off before I call the cops." I slapped him and ran out of her place. He said he loved me.

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