Character info pt 2

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Name: Annabelle Hagiwara

Age: 16 (June 12)

Height: 5'1''

weight: unknown

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Hazel, with little specks of green.

Appearance: She has blonde hair that goes a little past her ears and has hazel eyes, with specks of green. Her big doe eyes show off her innocence. She wears jeans and stylish clothing, and likes to visit Ouran academy. Always seen wearing hoop earrings and has a black wristbands, and flat back shoes. Also wears a heart necklace given to her by her mother.

Personality: Short-tempered, affectionate, Beautiful and intelligent. Analytical, arrogant, charming and charismatic.

Likes: Blueberry pie, cake, apples, art, likes bunnies and Mori-senpai, her brother's baking, the twins.

Dislikes: bullies, mean people, anything that has gluten in it. Renge, Tamaki's weird imagination. Her mother.

Family: Yori Hagiwara (older brother, alive), Vivian Hagiwara (sister, alive), Tracy Hagiwara (Mother, alive), Hoshi Hagiwara (Father, alive)

Backstory: Annabelle grew up in a family of five, she is the second oldest child im the family. She is destined to take over her mother's corporation when she becomes 18. Annabelle has always been outgoing and friendly, but when it came to boys she was very shy. She stuck to Yori's side, although he was a year ahead of her. In her first year of middle school, she met Arai who was in her class. In her second year of elementary school, she met Emi and Haruhi, who were in her science class and the three became best friends. Although the group she had been with was inseparable since middle school, she had to move away due to her mother's promotion. She stayed with her sister and Mom, while Yori was shipped off to America with his father so they could take care of the bakery there. She ended up leaving during the summer, but made new friends in her new neighborhood. Two years go by and her mother has to move again, so they end up living in Karuizawa where she ran into an old middle school friend, Arai. The two spent most of their days together, even attending the same high school and eventually ran into Haruhi and Emi when they went on a run. Annabelle currently is in the process of transferring to Ouran and moving in with her father, who is back in Japan.

Name: Yori Hagiwara

Age: 16

Birthday: November 6

Blood type: AB+

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 156 lbs

Hair color: Silver

Eye color: Gray

Personality: Competitive, Kind, compassionate, intelligent. Analytical, observant, charismatic.

Appearance: His silver hair goes down to his ears, just like Haruhi's hair is after her makeover. His gray eyes can show any emotion easily, but he is pretty observant. He wears the boys uniform at Ouran, since he transferred.

Family: Annabelle Hagiwara (younger Sister, alive) Vivian Hagiwara (sister, alive), Tracy Hagiwara (Mother, alive), Hoshi Hagiwara (Father, alive)

Occupation: Bakery owner, Host

Likes: Emi, the host club, his sweets shop. Emi being happy.

Dislikes: People threatening his friends and family. Liars, bullies. Romantic Rivals such as Kaoru and Honey-senpai.

Backstory: He met Haruhi and Emi back in elementary although he was a year ahead of them. In middle school he developed a crush on Emi and told haruhi but soon had to move to America to live with his Father, who owned a bakery shop. He opened one in Japan and sent Yori back to Japan to live with his mother and sister. He also began to run his father's first bakery. He now attends Ouran Academy.

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