Part 1

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I walk across the cloudy floor to the cottage I call home, and open the gate. My wings go into my back and I skip into my house 'hello mother!' I say with a smile 'hello honey' she says and I go to the back of the house and look at my earth mirror.

I look at flowers, I've always wanted a flower patch in this garden. I was made as an angel so I've never been a human. Of course my mother says when I grow up I will understand that being in a world of pure peace is better than being in that train wreck.

I find the human world beautiful, Which is why, at the age of 9, I've decided to ask god to visit it. I'm so excited, and scared. Ive seen many go in to his palace and only few come back out.

My great grandmother who now protects the gates was one of gods first angels. God calls her his sister, and me his niece. I live near the palace because of this.

'Mother, I'm going to ask for my birthday wish.' I say and she looks back and gulps 'okay honey.. Be careful. Dont show greed.' I nod and skip out

I walk to the palace gates and open them, then walk into the castles thrown room and see god 'hello uncle.' I say and he smiles 'hello dear, are you here for your birthday wish?'

'You remembered!' I say happily and he chuckles 'why of course. Now whats your wish?'

'Well, as you know last year I got my earth mirror. Its a beautiful place you made by the way'

'Thank you, but do remember I only half made it.'

'Of course, but theres so much beauty there. Like flowers... Roses!'

'Roses? The ones that prick my children causing them to bleed?'

I ignore that 'and the animals... Dogs! Theyre so cute, uncle!!'


'And those phones are extremely brilliant, connecting those miles apart.'

'So they can ignore the real world...' God looks mad and looks at me 'youre in love with the world of Satan. Youre in love with harm and destruction. You are no niece of mine.'

'W-what? Uncle I just want to see the beauty of the land you made! I truly do!!'

'Abigail. I am not your uncle. The signs your showing are one of a demon, not an angel. You deserve to be in hell.'

I gasp 'UNCLE NO! Oh my.. I must go!'

'Greed. The same thing that made my brother cruel...

Youre just like him. Abigail youre time as an angel is over. I now banish you to the kingdom of doom. hell.'

'NO! NO! NO!' I scream as lightning strikes under me, creating a void that I fall in

and then everything goes black.

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