Chapter 3 Edited.

''OK'', I said flopping down onto the couch 3 DVD's in hand and the popcorn going crazy in the microwave.

''Thirteen, Girl Interrupted or Bedtime Stories?'', I asked.

Summer laughed gently... ''You have some taste in movies I must say she said reaching for Bedtime Stories''.

''You best get a head start on these movies!'', She laughed.

''Ah hush!'', I laughed as the microwave sounded its high bell to tell me my popcorn was ready.

I stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

''Get the DVD ready Sum'', I shouted back as I popped open the microwave.

A puff of steam hit me from the microwave. The sweet scent of buttery popcorn woke up a hunger inside me I didn't know was even there.

''YUM', I thought to myself.

I grabbed two bowls and evenly shared the popcorn between the two of us. I carried the two bowls like a pro, picking bits of popcorn out of my bowl with my tongue as I walked. Summer laughed when she saw me doing this. She had drawn the curtains and the menu for the movie was up. I handed her, her bowl of popcorn and she smiled and thanked me before putting it beside her and pressing play on the movie. 1 part of me was mad that she didn't look like she has any interest in the popcorn, but the 2nd part of me screamed, YES, more for you. But part number 1 of me was more prominent and I was definitely telling me to just ask. Asking can't do any harm....Can it?

90 Minutes later.

''Oh My Gosh I want one of them gerbil things'', Summer laughed as she recollected on the cutest gerbil I had ever seen even if It was an imaginary computerized gerbil is was still awesome.

I just laughed with her. I looked down and my prediction of the UN eaten popcorn had come true.

''Something wrong with the popcorn?'', I asked looking at her bowl.

''Oh shit. Sorry Kira I completely forgot about it!'', She said so sincerely I was sure she wasn't lying.

''Aw it's OK, want me to make some more?'', I asked just worrying she was hungry.

''Nah, I'm grand I'm sure my Mom kept me some dinner assuming I won't have eaten'', She laughed again followed by a yawn.

''OK, Well the kitchen is always open'', I smiled at her and she stood up.

''IL hold you to that she laughed. I guess I got to go'', She said sounding disappointed.

''Harvey will be wondering where I am I told him I'd call to him today'', She said explaining she relatively early leave.

''OK'', I said faking a sad face.

''Don't do that too me'', She said pulling me in for a goodbye hug. Her frame curling around me in a sickening way. As she unraveled herself from me I grabbed her hand. I looked deep into her big eyes.

''Summer if you ever need to talk about anything, absolutely anything I'm always here!'', I said serious. I wanted her to know that.

She looked at me slightly confused but understanding me.

''Thanks'', She said pecking me on the fore head and leaving the room.

I don't know, I just don't.

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