Chapter 2.5. Edited.

Paisley grilled me about what had happened and of course giving into Paisleys chocolate eyes I told her everything. Well she practically ate me without salt.

I do like Johnny, I've always liked Johnny and in a way I guess I'm in love with Johnny. Holy Shit. Scratch that, Paisley will squeeze that out of me too. I don't know these days I feel so alone. Morganna was totally not accepting of the pregnancy she said portraying a slut and being a slut were too different things. So when Morganna stormed off Lucifer followed with his tail between his legs and Mary-Jane strutted besides her sporting a mini skirt, and Minny reluctantly followed but I understand. But fuck understanding I'm alone now. Cameron is sick, love him and all but I guess I need female friends.

Summer Hill! You see that's what happened when I was thinking about Summer Hill. Summer Hill was the girl I tried to hook up with Harvey, which turned out great I might add. Cupid in the making here! She is absolutely tiny, long blonde hair pretty green eyes that sparkle like to rare emeralds, and she is so sweet. Now that Morganna is out of the picture you see other people are allowed talk to me. Summer and I have become friendly over the past few months and she oddly loves the fact that I'm pregnant and that a life is growing inside me. I noticed a few funny things about her but I guess I should not judge a book by its cover!

I grab my phone and give Summer a call, female company sounds great right now, I've been alone all day and bringing Paisley over would just bring up what happened yesterday and I'd rather not go there. I type quickly into my cell phone ad pull it too my ear where the monotone ringing fills my head.

''Hello'', a crackly voice answers.

''Hey, Summer?'', I ask just to be sure.

''Yea, Kira?'', She responds sounding slightly more friendly but still weary.

''Yes'', I say with a smile.

''Do you want to call over?'', I ask sounding as sweet as is possible.

''Sure'', She says so enthusiastically.

''Yay!'', I shriek down the phone.

''When?'', Summer asks as a voice shouts. ''I'm going to Kira's I'll eat there'', Summer says but I'm guessing it's in response to the second voice.

''Now'', I answer not trying to sound too needy.

''10 minutes, see you then. Thanks again'', Summer says hanging up. What is it with people and hanging up before I can say goodbye! I best put on food; Summer did say she would eat here. I skip happily to the kitchen and pull open the refrigerator door.

''What to eat?'', I whisper to myself.

''Id recommend a bowl of vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce'', Milo sniggers behind me. Milo is leaning back into one of the many dining room chairs.

''Oh hey'', I say quickly. ''You scared the shit out of me'', I said huffing.

''Ahh'', he said laying his cell phone on to the table and stretching his hands behind his head.

''That's my good dead done for the day then'', he jokes sitting up and cracking his back. I wince. The noise that makes is spine chillingly disgusting.

''What's up?'', He asks standing to his feet and walking towards the cupboard.

''Not much'', I say turning back to the fridge to look again. ''Summer is coming over'', I said spotting some brownies left over from yesterday. Milo laughed slightly behind me. ''What?'', I snap reaching into the fridge to grab the plate.

''No need to take out food when Summers around'', He said opening a pack of Pop Tarts.

''Leave her alone, that's just High School gossip!'', I snapped placing the brownies on the counter beside me and picking one up.

''Seriously Kira?'', He asked plugging in the toaster.

''Have you seen the girl she looks like death warmed up!'', He said more serious now.

''She is just naturally thin'', I said repeating Summers favorite answer to the snared remarks.

''Kira no one is naturally skeletal'', He said now facing me as his Pop Tarts warmed in the toaster. I picked at the stale brownie. I just shrugged my shoulders.

''You ask me, that girl needs help!' He said and the toaster popped flinging his P-Tarts out. I bit my tongue to avoid conflict as Milo gathered his food and walked out of the Kitchen humming. Never judge a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes. But looks are not deceiving and Milo was right Summer was like 1 pound from science class skeleton. She worried me more than anything, I wish she would talk to me. The creak of the front door opening brought me back to reality.

''Hello, I'm inviting myself in'', Summer laughed as she came into view at the front door. I walked out to the hallway to greet her.

''Sum'', I shriek and run and give her a hug. Her rib bones more evident against my body than ever before. I scowl to myself.

''So what's the plans?'', She asks enthusiastic.

''Movie and Popcorn?'', I ask.

''Yay Movie'', She smiles leading the way into the sitting room.

I feel a slight tingle in my stomach as I watch her tiny frame walk into the sitting room. 

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