amazing old poems

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Poem 1

Mas is a graet wall builder
the Bailing wall the wailing wall
Of Jerusalem but the wall
Most impregnable has a moat
Flowing with fright around his heart

A wall without windows for the spirit to breeze through

A wall without a door for love
to walk in


Don’t bite your nails, Amanda!

Don’t hunch your shoulders, Amanda!

Stop that slouching and sit up straight,


(There is a languid, emerald sea,

where the sole inhabitant is me—

a mermaid, drifting blissfully.)

Did you finish your homework, Amanda?

Did you tidy your room, Amanda?

I thought I told you to clean your shoes,


(I am an orphan, roaming the street.

I pattern soft dust with my hushed, bare feet.

The silence is golden, the freedom is sweet.)

Don’t eat that chocolate, Amanda!

Remember your acne, Amanda!

Will you please look at me when I’m speaking to you,


(I am Rapunzel, I have not a care;

life in a tower is tranquil and rare;

I’ll certainly never let down my bright hair!)

Stop that sulking at once, Amanda!

You’re always so moody, Amanda!

Anyone would think that I nagged at you,


Walk away -candette mashile

uess I should've known better
To believe I'm a lucky chain, oh
I lent my heart out forever
And finally learned each other's names
I tell myself, this time it's different
No goodbyes, cause eyes can't bear to see it
I'll never survive on one that's coming
If I stay, ooh no!
Just walk away! Oh, and don't look back
Cause if my heart breaks, it's gonna hurt so bad
You know I'm strong, but I can't take that
Before It's too late, oh, just walk away!
Ooh, just walk away!
(Walk, walk, walk away)
Aye aye, aye yeah
I really wish I could blame you
But I know that it's no one's fault
No, no, no, no
A Cinderella with no shoe
And a Prince that doesn't know he's lost
He says that her face is so familiar
Each goodbye with just the same old song
But this

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