Chapter 2. Edited.

''What time is it Kira?'', Johnny asked yawning.

''7pm'', I said tossing the bag of chips at him as the movie ended.

Johnny smiled at me as he stretched his arms in the air.

''What?'', I growled becoming paranoid.

''Seriously Johnny what?!'', I said getting more and more aggravated as his smile grew inch by inch.

Johnny lay into the couch with a smug smile on his face. His arms crossed now and his legs crossed in front of him and his shaggy hair pushed back making his chocolate eyes stand out. He continued to just shake his head and smile. I could tell he was thinking something, I could see it in his eyes. I crawled closer to him on the couch reaching over to grab his collar. I was trying to scare him into telling me.

''Tell me!'', I Scowled at him as he opened his mouth and then leaned forward.

''No'', He said as he burst into laughter.

I still had a firm grip of his collar with one hand. Thinking of a quick way to cause a small amount of pain I grabbed his cheek and squeezed. I raised one eyebrow and now I smirked.

''Fine'', He said still smiling as he pulled my hand from his collar and unlatched my steel grip on his flesh. He put my hands by my sides and he placed his big warm hands on either side of my face.

I started into his eyes, started into the past all my mistakes and successes and felt at home. I had forgiven him for everything he ever said to me; actually I don't think I was ever actually mad at him. We were face to face, nose to nose, looking into each other's souls. Johnny leaned left and his soft lips connected with mine. I didn't want to pull away, but I felt like I was betraying Cameron in a way, a strange way. I wrapped my arms around Johnnies neck and leaned into him. I couldn't help it he was like a comfort. Imagine a fat kid and that loved cake but it shouldn't have it, well that's Cameron to me. Johnnies fragile lips moved in sync with mine and as he open his mouth to a breath I could taste him. Sweet with an after taste of smokes. I giggled out loud. He pushed me back.

''What?'', he asked smiling.

''Marlboro Lights?'', I laughed leaning onto his chest where I listened to his familiar heart beat. Someone coughed dramatically. I looked up to see Paisley looking at me with a shocked smile on her face.

''I did knock'', she said looking at me and Johnny.

''OH!'', I said jumping off of Johnny and ending up on the floor.

''Are you OK?'', she asked worried running over to me.

''Yea'', I said getting up and brushing my hair off my face.

''We were just talking in case you were wondering or anything?'', I said awkwardly.

''Oh really?'', She said holding in a laugh.

Johnny stood up looking embarrassed. ''I was just off'', he said looking at me for a reply.

''OK'', I said, what else was I meant to say! Johnny looked completely fine, not anyway upset by my dismissive tone. I always set myself up for disappointment. I watched as Johnny walked silently out of the house.

''What was that!'', Paisley asked me shocked.

''Nothing'', I said turning and flopping down onto the couch.

''NOTHING! Tell me everything!'', She said sitting down beside me.

''Seriously?'', I asked.

''Seriously!'', She replied.

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