Bitter Sweet Love. Part 2, Chapter 1.

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Welcome to Part 2 of Bitter Sweet Love.

Chapter 1. Edited.

July 10th. School was out. So much has changed in the past 3 months. I bet I should tell you.

Well first things first Mom and Dad came back as soon as they heard about Paisley being in hospital. Paisley was a mess for the first month after she lost the baby, not to mention Milo. Milo was only beginning to admit to himself, when Paisley came back into the picture, that maybe he was the father. Katie also broke up with Milo and she took out her anger on Johnny, she attacked him for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Brandy hasn't been in contact since he left the night Paisley told him her definitely wasn't the father. Brandy was always strange but I think it hurt Paisley that he left with nothing. His parents took two months to bring all her stuff up from the South. They said he was moving on with his life and he was attending the local college and they would prefer it if she didn't contact him. Paisley cried that whole night the poor thing. Paisley is mainly back to herself now and her and Milo are in this weird brother and sister kind of relationship.

Cameron. Cam. Camie. Cameron. He is still alive, barley. It's so hard to watch him suffer. He said he was going to just give up let cancer have him but then 2 weeks later he demanded chemotherapy. He said if it gave him a few more months' life he didn't care. He said he wanted to see his child one time before he died. No one could argue with him. What could you say to that? He looks so sick though. I wish I could let him take some of my life. He's so weak but he always is smiling. His precious hair is gone, he was very unhappy with that so he wears a snow hat thing all the time. He is obsessed with my bubble of a stomach. I'm only nearly 4 moths but I look like I've spent too long in the candy isle already. He already has a list of baby names. It's all he ever goes on about. I love Cameron but I'm trying to detach myself from him lately as I know he is going to die and I don't know how I'm going to handle that.

''KIRA'', someone shouted from downstairs waking me out of my daydream.

''What?'', I shouted back leaping off my bed and walking slowly towards the banister and looking down the stairs at my mom.

She looked worn out. Beads of sweat were a new accessory to her forehead at all times. She was juggling work and taking care of the house these days. She is finding it hard to cope but she won't say why. I offered to help around the house but she said she would just have to re-do everything I done because I'd leave things dirty. 

''Johnny is at the door for you'', She said disappearing in a flash.

What is he doing here? His last words to me were;

''I never want to speak to you again you whore. Fuck you and fuck your perverted brother''.

I stood at the top of the stairs like an idiot staring at the wall wondering what he wanted and if I should even walk down to the door. I lightly ran down the stairs.  As I approached the door Johnnies stiff figure, hands in his pockets and a sly smile showing from his slightly lowered head disappeared at my expression. Johnny had grown out his hair. It was shaggy now, still dark brown like his eyes. He had shaved his face recently I could tell but the stubble was starting to poke out of his skin already. I stood staring at him, his eyes glued to my larger frame.

''Hi'', He said attempting to break the very thick ice he was trying to get through.

''What do you want?'', I snapped.

''Aw now Kira, come on. Don't be nasty'', He said taking a step into my house.

I raised my eyebrows and he took a step back realizing he had just crossed the line, literally.

''Aw now Johnny, don't talk to me for 3 months and now you appear at my door for what reason?'', I asked.

He scratched his head. ''I wanted to um... see you'', He said and his face went so red.

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