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Hello, wonderful readers, welcome to the Writer's Corner's Graphic Center! If you couldn't guess, this is a place for graphics. Shocker, right? If you're here, it's probably because you want some sort of graphic. So maybe we should just jump right into the rules, right?

1 - There are two payments. One is listed here, and that is simply that you must follow this account. The other is you have to do the payment specified by the indicated by the graphic designer on their information page.

2 - Each designer offers specific things. Some may only offer covers. Some may offer character art. Some may offer banner services. Some may offer all of these and more. Just be sure to check.

3 - Be patient. The graphic designers have lives. Some also have things going on over on their own account. Pestering our graphic designers will get you banned. Speaking of, we are accepting designers. There will be a designer form.  Plus, the designer will have to PM us the link for us to put it up, and, well... sometimes I'm a bit slow. (Pst.  Designers. If it takes me more than a day, smack PM me)

4 - Every designer has the right to deny your request. They do not have to give a reason because it may be something personal they don't want everyone to know. You are free to PM and ask, but do not pester if they ignore you or say they don't want to say.

5 - Do not cover shop hop please. Also, it would be kind of you to use the graphic made for you for at least a week or so. I will not require this, but if each graphic designer personally wants to, that is their right.

6 - It would be REALLY helpful if you would tag the designer when requesting.

7 - Give credit where credit is do. In other words, credit the graphic designer if you are using a graphic by them.

I believe that is it. More will be added if I remember. Next will be the graphic designer sign up form. Each graphic designer will have their own form on their information page as each designer may want different things to work from.

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