Chapter 9: Searching for Z (and later everyone else)

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"Wh-What do you mean Z is gone?!" Peter asked fearfully. "Where is he?! Where did he go, huh?!" "I don't know!!" Chris cried. "I just found out when Hogarth knocked on my door! And, he wouldn't just leave!! This place doesn't have a bathroom!" "Where do you think he would've gone to?!" Hogarth asked. "And, why would he even leave?!" "Why haven't WE left?!" Cassidy suddenly yelled. "I thought we were gonna stay here temporarily?! We've been staying here since...!" BEEEEEP!! BEEEEEP!! BEEEEEEP!! A loud horn interrupted Cassidy. The PA system began to speak loudly:


Everyone immediately stopped talking. "Just forget about that right now!" Cassidy shouted, trying to get everyone focused on what she was talking about. "We need to get out of here if the werewolf is still here! Does anyone agree?!" Peter, Chris, Cassidy herself, and Sarah, who is in front of Hogarth's bedroom entrance, raised their hands. Hogarth didn't raise even a finger. "Dude?" Peter said. "Why aren't you raising your hand?" Hogarth didn't say anything. Cassidy said, "Hoga-?" "I LIED!!" Hogarth shouted angrily. "THIS PLACE IS THE ONLY SPOT I COULD FIND THAT IS, IN FACT, SAFE AS HELL!!" Everyone stared at him in shock. "What did you expect?!" Hogarth asked angrily. "Since it's Peter's fault that we're STUCK out here, I HAD to find a safe spot for us!" "Why is it still on ME?!" Peter asked, more angry. "I just wanted to see who was on the other side of the fricking gate!!" "NO ONE WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!" Hogarth shouted. "YOUR STUPIDITY CAUSED ALL THIS AND NOW, WE'RE FACING A CRISIS!!" Peter charged at Hogarth, slammed him against the wall, and gripped his neck collar. "If you really want to get yourself killed by me instead of werewolves," Peter shouted, "BE MY GUEST!!" "Go ahead. Punch me in the face really hard." Hogarth said coldly. "And then, when the Hourglass ends, you can tell Mom and Dad what you did. I will enjoy seeing you get in trouble with them!" Peter stared at him heatedly. Then, he backed away with his hands in front of him. "All right. All right." He said. "I'm backing off." "Will you two shut up?!" Chris shouted. "If a black werewolf was here, then we have to get the hell out of here!" Peter and Hogarth stared at Chris. "Now, before you tell me that I should be the one that should shut up, think about what's going on out there!" Chris cried. "INNOCENT lives are taken by what the Megacorporation did! And, Z is my best friend and I don't wanna lose him!" "Since when did you care about people?!" Peter asked. "All you've done was bully and harass me and Hogarth! Why would you care about anyth...?!" "BECAUSE I'M NOT LIKE Z!!" Chris shouted angrily. "AND, I THOUGHT WE WERE GETTING ALONG BETTER, HUH??!!" ".....I...I'm sorry." Peter said, guilty. "I'm just frustrated because Hogarth really wants to play the blame game! And, I didn't intentionally cause any of this!" Hogarth didn't say anything offensive because he wasn't about to start another argument. "He's right, everyone." Sarah said. "We can't just argue about this because Peter didn't cause any of this. And, the blame game isn't..." "WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP FOR JUST ONE SECOND??!!!" Hogarth blurted out, completely enraged. "YOU'RE NOT HELPING!!!" Everyone stared at Hogarth in complete shock. Surprisingly guilty, Hogarth walked away gripping the right part of his face. "Wow." Cassidy said. "He definitely has issues when he's up at night." Peter didn't say anything. I don't believe this...! He thought, shocked. Hogarth really hates encouragement...! Crazy. Sarah shook in fear and sadness. Peter stared at her with regret. Then, he looked away with his eyes shut tight. Then, he made his way to the lobby, calling out, "Hogarth?! HOGARTH?!!" Sarah is still shaking with fear and sadness.

In the lobby...

Hogarth, with his hands in his pockets, is about to walk out of the unfinished building when Peter came and grabbed his arm, shouting, "What the hell was that all about?!?!" Hogarth jerked his arm away. "She doesn't know when to $@%#ing quit!" He snapped. "Nothing she says will ever help us! NOTHING!!" "Well, you didn't have to YELL at her like that!" Peter snapped. "She isn't trying to hurt you're feelings! She just wants to give hope to us since we're out here trying to survive!" "Listen, Peter. For the last couple of hours, we've been bickering about Sarah and accusing you of causing this," Hogarth said, "but, I've already pushed it too far by not helping my family, shouting nonstop, and yelling at Sarah! Let's just move on and try to stay alive." Peter is shocked by what Hogarth said. Is he trying to start an argument or is he trying to stop it?! He thought. Make up your mind, Hogarth! "We have to find something to barricade the entrance. Those werewolves will rip our flesh into piece if they find us." Hogarth insisted. "I wanna make up to everyone for my bad temper." "But, what about the holes on the walls?!" Peter asked. "It'll take a genius to barricade the CEILING!!" Hogarth didn't respond. "Hogarth?" Peter said. "Are you there??" "This...this isn't gonna work..." Hogarth said, saddened. "Let's just hide in the basement and barricade the entrance." Peter said, trying to find a better solution. "I mean, there aren't any holes underground, so we should be safe there." "Okay... But, let's make sure to forget about Z!" Hogarth said. "He's still a jerk and I can't stand him! We need to bring everyone to the baseme...!" "So, you're gonna let him die??!" Peter asked, shocked. "Yeah! He's had it coming since the day he first bullied us!" Hogarth snapped. "And, Chris too! He's bullied us too! Doesn't that mean anything to you?!?" "Yeah, it does..." Peter sighed. "But, Chris and I are getting along a little better and I wanna try to help him find Z." "Was that before or after you yelled at him?" Hogarth asked sarcastically. "I thought you said you wanted to stop arguing, you hypocrite!" Peter shouted. Then, Peter realized that he's just making things worse for himself. He walked back into the halls. "Hey, HEY!!" Hogarth cried angrily, as he went after Peter. "GET BACK HERE!!" They both went back into the halls. It is empty. Everyone is gone. "Maybe everyone went back into their rooms?" Peter said, hoping for the best. "They have to be." "IS EVERYONE IN THEIR ROOMS?!" Hogarth called out. No answer. "Oh, god...!" Peter whispered fearfully. "Where the hell are they?!" "They couldn't have left!" Hogarth cried. "That would be a very bullheaded decision!" "Then, where are they?!" Peter asked, more horrified. "......The basement." "Huh?" Hogarth said. "They're in the basement." Peter sighed, embarrassed. "That's probably where Z is too. STUPID! I'm so stupid!" "Let's just go get them." Hogarth sighed. "And, then let's pretend that none of this crap ever happened." Peter and Hogarth walked towards the end of the hall and opened the basement door. They both slowly walked on the stairs until they got to the bottom. "HELLO?!" Hogarth called out. "IS ANYONE THERE?! HELLO?!!" No answer. "Crap!" Hogarth cried. "They're not here either! They left the construction site! IDIOTS!!" "Where would they have gone?!" Peter asked, fearful. "There could've been a good reason for this!" Hogarth stared at him like he was staring at a mental patient. "I'm saying that there could be another room in the basement!" Before Hogarth could say something, he noticed something on the left side of the basement. Another door. "Peter, look!" He cried. Peter turned around and saw the door. He stared at it in shock. "I....I never saw that!" He cried. "The hell is this?! Some kind of sick joke?!" "I.......don't know!" Hogarth cried, feeling shocked too. "But, I haven't even been down in the basement yet! So, how should I....?" "Let's just check it out." Peter sighed, annoyed. They both walked towards the door. It is the same color as the basement walls. Peter opened the door and, with Hogarth, walked in. Z is in their, drawing on an old clipboard and sitting on the right corner of the small room, which is also empty. The walls are brown. "Z??!!" Peter and Hogarth cried out in shock. Z looked up and saw them. "You guys?!" He cried. "Get out of here!!" Hogarth stomped towards Z, snapping, "Oh, is that how you thank peop...?!" "No, SERIOUSLY!!" Z snapped quietly, gritting his teeth. "You have to run!! It's not safe here!!" "What the hell are you talking about?!" Peter asked. "We're the online ones here, aren't we?!" "JUST GO!!" Z screamed inhumanly, as he pulled out a gun and aimed it at Peter and Hogarth. "OH $#!+!!" Peter screamed, as he and Hogarth quickly backed away. "GO!!!" Z screamed, causing Peter and Hogarth to run away frantically. As they ran up the collapsing stairs, Peter repeatedly shouted, "OH @#$%, OH @#$%, OH @#$%, OH @#$%!!!" They ran through the halls, which is now collapsing as well. They ran through the lobby and out the door. They stopping in front of the construction site and saw the building collapse to the ground. "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL JUST HAPPENED?!!!!!?" Hogarth screamed. "THE BUILDING COLLAPSED AND Z DROVE US OUT!!!! HE'S INSANE!!!!" Peter stared at the collapsed building in overwhelming shock. "This can't be true!" He cried. "WHERE ARE OUR FRIENDS?!!" "And, Sarah." Hogarth said, sarcastically finishing Peter's sentence, but still in shock. "And, let's not forget Chris! ....Oh, man! I'm freaking out!!" "Just knock it the hell off!!" Peter snapped. "We need to focus on finding our friends! Where do you think they could've gone?!" "How should I know?!!" Hogarth asked fearfully. "They could be ANYWHERE!! This is a large neighborhood, you know!" "I know! I know!" Peter shouted, stressed out. "Let's just stop bickering and look for Sar... Our friends!" Hogarth stared at him with an annoyed expression. Then, Peter walked off. Weirdo... Hogarth thought. Man, I wish he'd just listen to me.... Then, we wouldn't BE in this mess. Hogarth caught up to Peter and walked next to him. "Man, I can't believe Z just killed himself." Peter sighed, still in shock. "Why the hell would he do that?" "I have no idea." Hogarth replied, also still in shock. "We can't worry about that psycho right now. We have to find the others." Peter had his hands in his pockets. He and Hogarth quietly walked on the streets. "Hey, what's your problem with me, man?" Peter asked, slightly enraged. "Why do you have to blame me for everything?" "I don't BLAME you for everything!" Hogarth snapped, stopping Peter dead in his tracks. "I was just angered by that move you made! We're all fighting for our lives because of you and I don't want anyone to die! Not even YOU!" Peter is shocked by what Hogarth just said. "It didn't sound like it to me!" Peter snapped, not moved by Hogarth's words. "You don't seem to mind calling me names or any of that crap!" "That's because I'm scared." Hogarth said, calming down. "You clearly know that the Megacorporation and the Department took millions and millions of lives with the Hourglass. We could be one of those lives! I don't wanna lose any family or get my face ripped off. But, I'm more focused on helping you guys rather than myself. That's why I desperately searched for a place that can last us for the rest of the event." "That's......really cool of you." Peter admitted. "But, what about Sarah? You clearly hate her so much." "I.................I don't hate her." Hogarth admitted reluctantly, rubbing the back of his head. "I'm just not onboard with all the positivity during a dark and devastating event." "Are you saying 'dark' because it's always dark outside during the event?" Peter joked. "Ha ha, very funny." Hogarth said sarcastically. "Anyway, it's hard to accept encouragement when we're fighting for our lives. I felt that nothing would help but trying to survive and finding shelter and.....Sarah just got in my way." Peter stared at Hogarth in shock. "You....can't think like that." Peter said. "Accepting encouragement from people is much better than just pushing them away. You're still upset because you're refusing encouragement from Sarah." "You.....really think so?" Hogarth asked. "You really think that encouragement will help?" "Yeah! Of course it will." Peter said, slightly encouraging. "I've lost my Uncle and we were VERY close. Even encouragement couldn't help me, but I still try to think positive and accept encouragement for other problems." "......Our Uncle was a sweet, sweet man." Hogarth said sadly. "But, we must move on and live our lives........that is, if we survive 12 more nights." Peter gave Hogarth a friendly punch on the shoulder, laughing. "Let's go find our friends." Hogarth said, completely calm. They both continued walking along the sidewalk, hoping that their friends are okay. Man, I hope Hogarth and I are cool now. Peter thought. I mean, he's always cranky when he doesn't get enough sleep. But tonight, he was trying to help us... That explains the blame game. His thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a loud howl, AROOOOOOOOOOO! "PLEASE tell me that a werewolf isn't nearby!" Peter cried. "Who else would howl like that?!" Hogarth responded fearfully. "Man, I hope it only came from outside the neighborhood!" "Let's just......hurry and find everyone!" Peter cried fearfully, as he ran off. "HEY, WAIT FOR ME!!" Hogarth shouted out, running after Peter. They run along the sidewalk when, suddenly, they heard something. "HELP!!" A voice cried out from afar. Sarah. "Was that Sarah?!" Peter cried, as he and Hogarth stopped dead in their tracks. "Oh, God!! Is she in fricking trouble?!!" "Let's stop whining and start looking for her!" Hogarth snapped, as he and Peter ran faster. "If Sarah is still alive, we'll be lucky enough to keep HER alive until the inauguration of the Hourglass!" Before Peter could respond, he heard a voice scream, "PETER?!! HOGARTH?!!" Peter and Hogarth saw Chris limping towards them. His leg casts are covered in blood. "CHRIS?!!" Hogarth cried, as he ran towards Chris, caught him before he fell on the street, and helped him up. "Are you okay?!! What happened?!!" "Sarah has been kidnapped by a red werewolf and several other werewolves! They're gonna maul her anytime now!!" "What about Cassidy?!!" Peter asked, standing next to Hogarth. "Is she okay?!" "I haven't seen her!" Chris cried. "But, I DID find the footprints of a fema...!" RAAAAAAAAUUUGHHH!!!! A black werewolf jumped on Chris, ripped his chest open and brutally pulled out his intestines, causing him to scream inhumanly, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!" "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!!!" Peter screamed, extremely terrified. "RUUUUUUN!!!!!" He and Hogarth frantically scampered like maniacs. "HOLY CRAP, HOLY CRAP, HOLY CRAP!!!" Hogarth screamed repeatedly. He and Peter hid in between two one-story houses. "OH MY GOD!! CHRIS IS DEAD!!!" Peter screamed. "HE'S #@$%ING DEAD!!!" "WILL YOU KNOCK IT OFF?!! YOU'RE FREAKING ME OUT MORE!!!" Hogarth screamed. "WHY IS THIS ALWAYS ABOUT YOU?!!!" Peter shouted. "CHRIS IS DEAD!!! D-E-A-D!!! DEAD!!!!" "SOMEONE PLEASE, HELP ME!!!" A familiar voice shrieked. "ANYBODY?!! CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME?!! HELP ME!!!" Peter immediately turned around. He saw Sarah running towards him with a slightly bloody claw mark on her stomach. "SARAH!!!" Peter screamed, as he ran right towards Sarah when she fell on her knees. "ARE YOU OKAY?!!" Sarah fell on the ground unconscious. "SARAAAAAAHHH!!!" Peter screamed, falling on his knees and shaking Sarah's shoulders. "Wake up, Sarah! Sarah?! SARAH!!" Hogarth fearfully ran towards Peter and Sarah, fell to his knees, unzipped his jacket, and wrapped it around Sarah's wound. "Oh, god! I hope she's okay!" Peter cried. "Don't worry, man! She's gonna be okay!" Hogarth cried, an actual tear rolling down his eye. "Come on, Sarah! COME ON!!!" Peter stared at Hogarth in complete and overwhelming shock as he noticed a slightly tearfully Hogarth picking up Sarah from the back. My god...! He thought, feeling like he's dreaming that Hogarth cares despite this horrible night. Hogarth......... Thank you for caring. Peter and Hogarth walked off with Hogarth carrying Sarah.


Cassidy sat at a table inside a storm cellar in between two houses, staring at a picture of a good looking boy with a blue sweater. The room is a small room with a table in the center and a refrigerator across from it. I really hope we'll survive the Hourglass! She thought. My boyfriend and I have made some big plans for the future... "Will this cellar be a good hiding spot?" A voice, familiar to Cassidy, asked. "It's not against the rules?" Cassidy ran up the stairs and opened the door, causing two boys to jump. Peter and Hogarth. "Cassidy?!" Peter cried. "CASSIDY!!" He ran right at Cassidy and hugged her. "Thank god you're alive!" He cried in relief. "I thought you were dead!" Cassidy hugged him back, saying, "Well, awkward. But, I'm relieved that you're alive too..." Cassidy suddenly noticed Hogarth holding an unconscious Sarah. "Wh-What the hell happened?!" She cried fearfully, letting go of Peter. "Is Sarah okay?!!" "She was attacked by a werewolf." Hogarth said, as he walked down the stairs past Peter and Cassidy. His voice was trembling. "Is Hogarth okay?" Cassidy asked Peter, sincerely concerned. "Because I've never seen him this upset." "Neither have I." Peter whispered to Cassidy. "He became really upset when Sarah was wounded." Hogarth laid Sarah on a small, but soft bed against the right corner of the room. He fell on his knees and gently set his hand on Sarah's shoulder. Sarah, I'm sorry. Hogarth thought, overcome with guilt. You deserve better. I don't because I'm a selfish jerk. I shouldn't have snapped at you earlier... Peter walked up to the bed and stood next to Hogarth. Hogarth noticed him and said, "I'm sorry about Sarah, Peter. She isn't really a hateful person, so I shouldn't be such a jerk to her for no reason." Peter didn't say anything. But, he did pat Hogarth's shoulder politely. Cassidy, however, suddenly noticed that something (or someone) is missing. "Where's Chris and Z?" She asked. Hogarth looked down and said, "Z killed himself and Chris was mauled to death by a werewolf. They're dead..." Didn't he say that twice? Peter thought sadly. *Sigh* It doesn't really matter... Cassidy became speechless. "Oh, god!" She whispered fearfully. "Even THEY didn't deserve it!! Oh, god, oh, god!!" She sat back at the table with her head down in fear. Hogarth went to comfort her while Peter knelt down next to the bed with his hand on her shoulder. Oh, god.... I hope you're not dead. He thought. What would I do without you? Ugh..... Don't go..... Please.....don't go.

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