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Matt's POV

'What should I get?' I thought.

"I know what she would want." My wolf, Wilson, said.


"That teddy bear."

I looked over and there was this cute, plush, teddy bear.

After deciding to buy the bear and a heart shaped necklace that knew she would love, I got into the car and drove home. Stepping out of my black car, I put the necklace in the pocket of my clean jeans and took the bear and held it behind my back. Closing the door of the car, I walked up to the door of our house and slowly opened it.

And there I saw my beautiful mate sitting on the couch smiling. I smelled spaghetti, my favorite dish, and smiled back broadly. She jumped up.

"What'd you get me?" She asked, trying to peak under my arm.

"Oh, just a little something for you." I said, handing her the bear. She grabbed it and feeling the softness of the plush, buried her face in it.

"Thank you." She mumbled, looking up at me threw the plush. Then she gave me a close hug, wrapping her arms tightly around my waist, but making sure to keep tight hold of the bear. She then put the teddy bear on the couch.

"I made a dinner for the two of us, your favorite." She said as I followed her into the kitchen.

The food was delicious, no insult to my mother, but my mates food was much better. Everything was savory, especially the garlic bread. It was done to perfection. I made sure to tell her so. More than once actually. She just smiled.

     All night I had smelt the faint scent of vanilla wax, but never really paid attention to it. We had our wine on the couch and talked about a few things. That's when I gave her the necklace, she turned around, her back towards me, and I put it on.

     'I love it Matt.' Smiling widely, she looked up me with her hypnotizing eyes. Gray, with a tint of blue. They sparkled in the light.

     'Anything for you my love.' I murmured, and gave her a soft, sweet kiss. She closed her eyes, but opened them quickly.

     'I also have a present for you.'

'Really? And what is that?' She took my hand, and slowly brought us upstairs. The scent of vanilla got stronger.

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