Chapter Eight- Lost On NonLove

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Chapter Eight- Lost On NonLove

June 11th: Third Quarter

    I had decided to take it upon myself to take a walk, realizing that I was feeling too cooped up in the house even if I'd only been in there for one day. Simone - like usual - left the house in the morning and would likely not be back until later that night. She'd done the same thing the day before, leaving me to fend for myself in the lonesome house.

    On one hand I thought maybe one of the boys would stop by the house to kidnap me or something equally insane, but I received no knock on the door. Being alone in the house probably wasn't the best idea considering I'd watched Titanic and The Notebook in one day which meant I was an emotional wreck. Simone wasn't too happy that while she was gone I'd eaten three tubs of her ice cream. I'm pretty sure she was a bit shocked at how much I'd been able to eat. Then again, she might have also been angry that I'd done nothing with myself the entire day, even after her speech from the day before.

    So, in order to not get in any more trouble, I started for a walk out in the nature of Riverwood. When I say nature I really mean the abandoned street of Simone's, careful not to enter anywhere near the forest so no angry boys come yell at me. I'm pretty sure it took more work to think of where I couldn't go than it did to get my legs moving.

    Before I knew it though I was out of Simone's abandoned neighborhood and into the bustling little town center. There were more people than I'd expected to see running about, talking on phones and eating in cafes that surrounded the beautiful fountain in the town center. Although, the area in general was very small, the fountain in the middle gave the effect that the area could be huge.

    Pennys were strewn throughout the bottom of the fountain, reflecting in the water as a pretty bronze color. The main part of the fountain was surprisingly enough, a wolf. The marble white wolf was howling to the nonexistant moon as water poured out of it's opened mouth. Any other time I might have thought it was one of the prettiest things I'd ever seen, but after the story Simone had relayed to me, I was having trouble finding it lovely.

    I watched as a little girl walked up to the fountain's edge, her curly brown hair falling to cover her face as she hovered over the water to stare at her reflection. A moment later she screamed in joy, running to her mother and going on about whatever had happened it an excited manor. The mother, completely oblivious to what her daughter was saying, handed her a penny and walked over to a small boutique. The young girl ran back over to the water and whispered something quietly before throwing the penny in and taking off after her mother.

    Curious as to why the girl had screamed the first time she looked into the water, I pushed my way past the afternoon crowd and went to the water's edge. It reflected in my eye from the sunlight shining down on it and I had to reajust my position to not have the sun in my eyes an longer.

    Once I'd found a spot that seemed good enough, I stared down at my reflection, watching as my blonde hair flowed in front of my face to make a halo like apperance. I stood like that for a few moments before realizing nothing was going to happen in the water.

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