Chapter three

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Xavier's POV

Hi. My name's Xavier Slade. Me and my twin brother Xander are werewolves. Yup, you got it right, werewolves. We're 20 years old and we are looking for our mate. Have been from the time when we turned 18 actually and we still haven't found her after two agonizing years.

We both stand at 6'8 feet and we have big muscles - I'm not trying to brag, they just are big - from hard training. We both have messy brown hair that just cannot be tamed whatever we do and sky blue eyes, Xander however has green specks in them, too. We have a kind of an olive skin tone thanks to the werewolf genes.

So a little about werewolves:

We live in packs that have:

- the leaders (the Alpha(s) and the Luna)
- the second in commands (the Beta and Beta Female/Male)
- the third in commands (TICs)
- and last but not least, the pack members

Some wolves, who have been banished or have left their pack on their own, are called Rogues. They usually stick to the 'unclaimed lands' (non-pack lands) and if they don't cause any trouble, we don't have a problem with them.

And then, there's the most important thing with werewolves - mates aka soulmates. Every werewolf has one, no matter if you're a Rogue or not, and finding them is one of the most important things in our lives. They are our key to happiness and staying calm and in control over our wolves. Mates can be recognized from the age of 18 and we can recognize them by their scent, the pull towards them or the tingles that come when touching them. Mates are sacred for us and losing one's mate will usually lead to depression or in worse cases even suicide.

It's really hard being without your mate and watching how all your friends and pack members act all lovey-dovey with theirs.

Being twins we share the title of the Alpha of the Black Shadow pack - the biggest pack in the world. We took the Alpha position when we turned 18 so it made looking for our mate a little harder because we didn't have very much time to look for her.

We need to find her soon or our inner wolves will try and take control because we don't have a mate to calm them. Also we need to find her so that our pack will have their Luna who is probably the most important person in the pack.

Right now, me and my twin are walking around the city, trying to find a nice place to eat.

"Hey bro, what about that little cafe?" my twin asked me and I looked in the direction he was pointing at.

It was a nice little coffee shop with a big window in the front. We've been there a few times but I've never felt this weird pull that I now had towards the cafe.

"Hey Xan do you feel that weird pull too or is it just me?"

"Oh yeah, I feel it too, weird. Let's go and check it out?"

"Sure." With that we started walking towards the coffee shop.

"Xav when do you think we'll find our mate?" Xan asked me as we opened the door.

"I don't know man, I-," and then a wonderful smell hit us and we froze.

"Hey do you smell it?" Xander asked through our mind link.

"Of course."

We started to sniff the air, the smell was intoxicating. It smelled like strawberries and forest, perhaps a weird combination but we couldn't get enough of it. We looked around the shop, trying to locate the source of the smell.

And that's when we met a pair of emerald green eyes, staring at us.

"MATE. IT'S MATE. GO TO HER," our wolves Ryder and Tyler basically screamed at us in our heads while they pranced around happily, wagging their tails like some overly happy dogs.

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