Don't Judge Me Part 1.

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I walked backstage and hugged and greeted everyone telling me I killed it making me smile and thank them. I heard loud squeals making me turn around and see Hailey running towards me. She jumped on me making me catch her. She kissed me and wrapped her legs around me taking me by surprise but kiss back.

Hailey:"Hmmm...I think I know what songs you wrote about me"She said making me chuckle. I put her down and got pulled into hugs by the other girls.

Kylie:"I can't believe you put me in your song"She said making me chuckle.

Y/n:"Well,I always put Kim so why not put there's a lot more where that came from"I said making them look at me confused.

Kendall:"What? Did you put me in a song?"She asked sarcastically. I chuckled and shook my head.

Y/n:"Anyways...I'm gonna go change and get ready to get something to eat"I said making Kendall and them stare at me shocked.

Kendall:"You did not"She said. I chuckled and walked to my dressing room leaving them to stare at me.

I walked in the dressing room and changed into my ripped black jeans with my white T-shirt and superstars. I walked out and saw them all waiting for me talking.

Y/n:"Tyler!"I said making him jump and chuckle.

Tyler:"Hey Y/l/n"He said. I Pulled him in for a hug making him chuckle"Watch it Y/l/'re girlfriend's a fighter"He said making everyone chuckle and her blush.

Y/n:"You're not really my type mate"I said making him put a fake hurt face on.

Tyler:"That hurt me real deep Y/n/n"He said making me chuckle. We all got in my Range Rover and drove over to a place to eat. Everyone was busy talking about my performance while I just focused on the road and occasionally planting small kisses on Hailey's and I's intertwined hands.

Hailey:"You know whenever you do that it makes me all giddy"She said making me chuckle and look at her. She looked at me with those Hazel eyes and I felt my insides melt at how mesmerising they are.

Y/n:"You know whenever you look at me with those eyes it mesmerises me"I said making her blush. I chuckled and kissed her hand once more and focused back on the road. We arrived at a cute little cafe near the apartment.

Bella:"God! I'm starving"She said making us all nod.

Abel:"True shit"He said. We all looked at the menu and ordered our foods and drinks. Everyone was busy talking while I sat quietly playing with Hailey's fingers making the everyone look at me in awe.

Gigi:"Y/n! You're so damn cute!"She said making me chuckle.

Y/n:"I'm just fascinated with her"I said making her blush and them Aww. I chucked and kissed her forehead as our food came. We were all busy eating when Hailey leaned by my ear.

Hailey:"You still taste better babe"She said making me choke a little. Everyone looked at me worried while Kendall hit my back a little.

Kendall:"You okay?"She asked worried. I nodded and drank water while Hailey smirked and ate her food. I saw Abel and Tyler look at me smirking. I shook my head and went back to my food.  We all ate and left driving over to my place.

Tyler:"You sure it's fine for us to stay with you?"He asked. I chuckled and nodded.

Y/n:"There are like 6 bedrooms there and my sister is chilled with it plus we're all leaving tomorrow so it's fine"I said making them nod. We arrived at my place and they looked at it in awe.

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