Feeling's Part 7.

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An hour after Y/n left we all started getting ready to go for her concert. It was a bit chilly out but knowing Y/n's concert's there's always alcohol involved which means dress cool cause you will be feeling hot as fuck especially with the alcohol and her performing.  We all got ready and hopped in Y/n's Range rover and drover over to the venue.

Kendall:"You and Y/n/n seem to be very happy"She said smirking at me. I blushed and nodded focusing back on the road.

Hailey:"We are, she just makes me feel safe"I said making them smile and nod.

Kylie:"That's good Hails"She said.

Gigi:"Yeah, As long as you're happy were happy"She said making me smile and nod.

Bella:"But just so you know..the moans were loud"She said making me turn red. Oh my god if they only knew.

Hailey:"S-sorry"I said trying to hide my blush and failing.

Kylie:"Freak in the sheets"She teased making me blush even more. They kept on teasing me till we arrived at the concert making them give me a break.

We walked to our private section and meet up with Justine and Tyler making us smile. We all greeted each other and started talking till we heard people screaming. We looked on stage and saw Y/n walk on stage looking hot as fuck. Can someone be so damn hot!

Tyler:"Panties gonna be dropping now"He said making me hit his hand"Sorry... But don't act like she don't have that effect on you"He said making everyone smile and me blush.

Y/N:"WHAT'S UP NEW YORK!!"She said in the mic making us all cheer. She chuckled and spoke up again"So I've got some new stuff for you guys so do you wanna gear it?"She asked making us all cheer. She chuckled and nodded"I'm taking that as a yes"She said as the music started playing. Future walked out and everyone lost it.

Like a nigga don't dance, but he make moves
They fuck around, now a nigga gotta shame you
I'm shameless, I be rockin' all my chains too
They told me, "Boy I think the money's startin' to change you"
Lord save you, Lord save you
'Member runnin' through the city in the same shoes
Now I'm gunnin' in the Benz and the Range too
I'm on point, now a nigga never take two
They said I couldn't reach Mars, so I turned to a star
Now I might have fucked around, might have raised up the bar
Now I'm talkin' cash, talk cash all on my pump
My nigga Cash said, "Watch what they do for the ones"
I know she wanna be poppin' all over the 'Gram
When the cameras come out, wanna hold my hand
Must be out of your mind, do you know who I am?
Man you're killin' my vibe, do you know who I am?
Oh yeah

They take my kindness for weakness
Still comin' out strong
Still comin' out strong
Still comin' out strong
Take my kindness for weakness
Still comin' out strong
Still comin' out strong
Still comin' out strong

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