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I'm here as your friend, you know that

I'm just waiting for you to open up.

I may be quiet at times, you know that

But I have two ears, and that's a fact.

You may not show it, I understand.

But you know that I have a hand

You can grab it and i'll help you stand.

I have two eyes to dee how your tears come out

Don't let me try and guess "What's this all about?"

Aren't we supposed to be friends?

To let you see the beginning, not the end.

I'm always here, I wish you know that.

I'll always be by your side

Though I know you don't seem to mind.

I know how good you can hide

Fake a smile and hurt yourself on the inside.

For once, I want to be a friend

That can make your heart mend.

I have all the five senses, I'll let you lend

I'm here, whom you can depend.

I may not be what you can call 'BEST'

But i can prove to you that I'm better than the rest.

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